👺 Darkfeather - 5* Dark / Purple from Goblin Village

He works well with Becky, i enjoyed testing him. Just be sure to active Becky/Hippo AFTER you activate Darkfeather, so their own special overrides the one of DF

Yea that’s crazy power coming from Luna did I just see 676 hit


I got all those hero’s as well just team and once I max DF that’s it right there

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I went against him today I got crushed

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Please forget my older post considering darkfeather - hes very strong & really shines within the right team setup

Very good support hero which really fits well into the current meta with all those strong taunters & dodgers on defense

Really considering 2lb - becky & him is a match made in heaven within the right team

Might also be very annoying on defense & way better than odette on offense really

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does his special operate the same way as Odettes special? Cleans all buffs? I had some luck and pulled him yesterday…and Kettle. I have enough to level a a purple. My delimma now is, would I be better off with DF and Ceto or Odette and Phorsyc

no it doesnt & thats why he is way better than odette on offense
it overwrites beckys & hippos stuff - but you can really build teams based on those damage buffs combining & playin around with them
his constant attack boost & def up is such a nice addition which really helps your team - its more helpful than his heal by the way ->because people voted heal as more important and test show its the opposite

his Performance on right team is outstanding tbh

btw there will be this blue taunter on next untolds - he sure aint as strong as phorcys but i guess he also can do this job as fast taunter for some time
but phorcys is also one of my favorite heroes

Finally i got Smart and Darkfeather


33 minutes left in the portal. I won’t even begin to contemplate what this portal cost me. But finally…wanted smarttongue however from what i am reading seems everyone likes the purple guys. Hope you all got luckier than i did especially now that I’ll be eating Ramon noodles for the next 3 months.

My emotions in order…:arrow_heading_down:
:pleading_face::disappointed_relieved::cry::sob:, :pensive::confounded::expressionless::tired_face:, :face_with_peeking_eye::flushed::astonished::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:, :face_holding_back_tears::grimacing::blush:


3 pulls. I most often wait until the final hour.


I also got the double dark cards… I assume they expect a rise in ascension summons by utilizing these bonus summons. I’m pretty desperate regarding mats :thinking:


Your an idiot, i dlb kettle in minutes and he is a monster

Realistically, how many times have you used Kettle and how many times of those when you have fired the special does it do each of the random special? I think most agree he is excellent with the 2x 45% specials, but the Kitchen Failure one is terrible, even if it doesn’t cause much damage, firing a special that is random and can have even the 10% chance of being a rubbish one, is never a favourite among most people. I think especially as it stands now when you need him to always fire one of the better 2 special options.

I already gamble too much on this game with portals and RNG boards, I don’t want to also gamble the specials of heroes, I want them to work one way or the other.


Awe Brad, thank you for those kind words! It’s good to know such sweet, kind players like you exist :heart_eyes:

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This right here! They know what’s up.

Can anyone with a 1LB and a 2LB Darkfeather share their stats + emblem paths?

For me, this card is not yet raised to the end. It’s probably 3/40. In raids, it makes a very big difference. Whoever plays it from the very description of the card sees that this is a strong guy. But what this card is doing on Titan is insane. He’s a real boss there. I have never seen such heavy blocks. If I had scrolls of variety, the record of 467k would be beaten and thick. On the towers he will also massacre. I’m waiting for the yellow Mythic to see what happens. This is a MONSTER!


I will look on with envy from the sidelines as you update us on progress. Am genuinely looking forward to it.

I will try and see if I can get Goldie to do something similar for my titan scores.

It will fit exceptionally well on the yellow Titan. Franz for overall damage reduction. Next to him I will put Shark and Goblin. Then I will tornado charge three key cards. I’ll make another tornado. The shark will then enter a second charge to achieve a higher critical damage percentage. Then I will tornado load Sergiusz into the lowering on color and Nyx. Goblin in the middle, so after these actions he will gain the third level of attack boost. I’ll finish him off with three more super mana bottles. Only then will I start mixing using the Variety Scrolls, Regular Tornadoes and the Hourglass. This might work. We will see :slight_smile: