Darker Hyrule is looking for three new members

Darker Hyrule
We’re a casual, but fun-loving alliance that has openings for 3 new members.

We have a wide range of members, from beginner to experienced, so you will always have someone familiar with your situation and can provide insight and help in establishing your hero roster.

There is no minimum trophy requirement, as we are welcoming to new players who will provide consistent activity and look to advance and grow with the rest of the alliance.

You can join us on Discord where we have links to game tips and provide advice/suggestions.

The alliance is spread throughout the world, so there should be someone online at any given time. Although some are more chatty than others.

We expect everyone to hit the titan. It is for your benefit and the benefit of the alliance, as they are a good source of ascension materials.

We are currently hitting 8 star titans with the odd time at 9 star and 7 star, but we are consistent enough so that if you are worried about the Path of Valor titan requirement, worry no more.

War participation is voluntary, but highly encouraged as a full war chest can provide some nice prizes.

If you participate, we expect you to use all your flags.

So if you are interested, just search for Darker Hyrule in the Alliance menu, and mention that Quinn sent you, as you need to be invited in.

Hope to see you.

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