Dark yellow dark def

I have a maxed seshat and am ascending another one.
I just pulled a justice

Will justice tank with 2 seshat flanks work?

Current def is emblemed boldy tank, seshat flank and other assorted 4*

I’d say definetely. Justice is designed to be a tank, that’s the role in which she excels.

In my opinion, Seshat is a bit low on defense to be a flank (def under 700) but she definetely compensates with minions. And in flank position, she will charge faster than on the wings.


Yes. With a beefy tank as Justice your Seshat(s) would likely be able to beef themselves with their horde of minions. As other 4* I would run AoE heroes or healers as Boldtusk/Kiril.


Ok worth a try
Tks for the replies guys

Its just that u hardly see identical flanks
Wondering if there’s any disadvantage to that

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One reason not to use identical flanks is that they will both be the same class, meaning they will be competing for emblems. If you have a dark hero of a different class, it might be worthwhile to use them for the opposite flank instead so that you can emblem both at the same time.


Justice is a better tank when fully ascended than Boldy. The blind makes up for not being able to heal. If you put a defense up our counter attacker next to her she is a mean team player.

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Yes that’s true. They will have to share emblems.

Yes justice is better tank than BT. But justice takes alot of commitment to level up. And she isn’t so great for offence

Does anyone hv a maxed justice?

How does he fare in offence?

I face Justice tanks and she’s difficult to take down with a bad board, as once she fires her skill you have to have a cleanser ready, or risk missing special skills.

No idea for offense, but I’m guessing Justice is not great at that :stuck_out_tongue: unless it’s a v. fast rush tournament.

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Justice is my only yellow 5*.

Not the best hero for offense because of slow mana and not very high tile damage.

Tks for replies
Yep I guessed that she would be bad at offence. A hero cant be both great on defence and offence.

Oh wait theres grave maker…

Like the others have said, Justice is an excellent tank, I have her at +7, and she would be my tank for raids and wars except for having a maxed Guin. When she was my tank, she held diamond easily with Khiona and Thoth flanks, not significantly worse than Guin in terms of win/loss

Raiding she sucks at for reasons stated. But she is very hard to kill. I think she has improved markedly since the v20 buff in general play

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