—-dark war—-

First of all, sorry if somebody brought that up already. It would be interesting to have a „dark“ war sometimes. You don’t see the defense Teams, only defense team power and have to build an attack team for every occasion or a heavy gamble. Alliance communication will be a plus in that and maybe field aid is by chance every single attack. I think that would really be fun, let’s say every ten wars, or so.:slightly_smiling_face:


  1. Communication inside alliance is very difficult
  2. Team with TP 4000+ is very difficult defeat even with before prepared team agaist known enemies. Your only chooise will be mono team and praying for luck.
  3. Playing with 5 colour team and expecting victory with TP 4000 vs. 4000 will be almost impossible.

Some defence teams are very difficult to beat without well prepared team.

Sure, but this will affect both sides, so no advantage for everyone, just fun from time to time (in my opoinion of course), I don’t take it that serious.:slightly_smiling_face:

The suspense would only last for one hit, unless the alliance just didn’t communicate.

then communication off during war. i see i´m alone in this one, maybe too far fecked, but would really fit to the wonderland theme, just once, then we know if it´s fun, a guessing game for example, after every attack one hero is shown on defense :slight_smile: I know this will never come, but why rule it out, maybe build on that idea.

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It’s a fun idea. But having read the complaint threads about Field Aid, I’m guessing this would meet strong resistance.

Hopefully the new raid challenge events will slake our thirst for fun and different fights.


So the first attacker would check the tank’s color, the second attacker would confirm it and you would need to attack the others with a solid team to knock them down and then sharing a screenshot with their defense…

Is this just to put more stress on attackers?
I’m against it.

The wars definitely would not end with 4000 points, but you would have the chance to use one- or semicolored defense teams, like you only do when you wanna go down in cups. Sometimes it can be fun not to know what’s behind the wall, or run into a dark forest full of enemies😄

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