Dark Troops does not increase dark hero's stats

It seems there has been a problem with my dark troop. My Hero’ HP baseline is still the same when fighting in Raids, Wars, Provinces and Titans and does not add (+ stats) from the troop

My other Colored Heroes and Troops are okay and increases their stats.

I am a spend to play player and spends roughly $50-80 per month. This issue of mine has been here since 2 weeks ago and kinda disappointed. Pls fix this ASAP. Thanks!



The dark troop you are using doesn’t actually increase the hero’s hit points.

You should be able to see an increase in attack and defense though, as well as healing and mana.

Exactly what @myopia wrote.

The reason your dark hero doesnt get an HP increase is because that typ of dark troop doesnt give an HP increase. It gives an increase to how much it is healed.

If you tap on each of the troop stats you will see a short description of what it does.

Thanks guys!! Cheers

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