Dark to Limit Break

Debating between Seshat and Killhare.

Really got KH and C , but Seshat was my first HOTM.

Both fully ascended and emboldened.

Any thoughts or experience appreciated

  • KIllhare + Costume
  • Seshat

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I have neither, but when opposing I find I tend to focus earlier on Killhare than on Seshat. She is more likely to devastate my team.


I only have Seshat. I find her a perfectly good sniper/dispeller, and her replicating minions make her quite sturdy. She’s also faster than Killhare.

Killhare does do quite a lot of damage though, and the Fighter talent is nice. Plus, you have her costume, and the attack debuff is less debilitating than normal Killhare’s defense debuff. I find her scarier to face on defense.

toss-up, really. what other Dark heroes do you have? do you have other snipers/dispellers on hand?


I don’t have Seshat and I just got Killhare, so I am not very sure. Seshat is an ok sniper + dispeller. Killhare is a good hit all.

If you have other dispellers that you can use regularly, I’d go for Killhare because her damage is muuuch better and, unlike her costume, regular Seshat is vulnerable to the fact that she only dispels after inflicting damage

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In my eyes the fact that you have Killhare’s costume makes it a no-brainer. Pick the rabbit.

i limit broke hannah, i’m about to have enough from POV , then i will do xnopoldh.