Dark Matter Heros Idea

A hero(es) that is not any of the five existing colors, but is a 6th element called “Dark Matter”.

However, this would not add another color to the board because their tile attacks and mana generation would come from otherwise regular looking tiles. You would not be able to see the Dark Matter tiles, they look like any other tile, you would only know if you’ve fired a Dark Matter tile when you get the mana.

This could be a way to enter into 6* hero territory. Or just another way to diversify existing tiers. They would be a huge gamble since all their tiles are unknown to the player, but ideally once you’ve filled their mana, their attacks could be massive.

Anyway, just bored at work.

Sadly to say the physicist in me thinks’ dark matter 'is an improbable element… It’s really anti matter and all the elements are matter , say …they just don’t mix matter and anti matter ( unless in the universe) :8ball:

Anyway OP a few topics on a new colour has been mentioned before . Not a bad idea but it’s been said before :sparkles:

i see (and like) your point,
but semantics aside, an anti-matter/non-elemental hero would not be visible on the board. A pretty slick way of introducing another color hero.

Of call it “crystal” and have the tile appear translucent. Maybe move GhostGirl over to that new colour or make her ghosting a prototype for skills of that family.

Or electricity/thunder, because it’s an element. Where some tiles are energized.
Which color ? White or cyan

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I like that idea a lot

It had occured to me that you could have a white that matches every color (strong against all in attack/weak against all in defense) or black that matches no color (weak against all in attack/strong against all in defense). But they’d have to have really impressive specials to get people to use them, I suppose.

How about an Omni color hero? Or hero whose special skill is to gain mana from all colors.

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