Dark lord, Khiona, Malicna which I should max first?

Dark lord, Khiona vs Malicna who should I level first. Here is my maxed purple team

Guardian panther

Khiona certainly works best for titan but I have costume rigard. Dark load is a better sniper but I have seshat. Any thoughts? thanks!

In case of doubt, place all at 3/70 and play with them at that level. Whichever you think has the best overall impact to your gameplay and playstyle, then ascend that hero. You are primordially playing the game to have fun. Get that as your principal and main concern.


In a stack, Guardian Panther + Seshat + Dark Lord should be pretty devastating. I would go with him if I were you. Malicna is meh, and Khiona is someway outdated.


If I could have any one of those singular heroes I’d want Dark Lord. Fast sniper with mana debuff is a solid skill and useful on almost any team.

I’d only opt for one of the other two if you value their elemental link. Heal and mana gain are great elemental links. I don’t think either are enough for me to not want Dark Lord but I’d consider how much better the rest of your team will be with the elemental link.

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Dark Lord. Stack with Seshat and Panther for awesome sniping.
Then Khiona. Malicna seems bad.

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Dark Lord is pretty good, you won’t be disappointed.

Khiona is decent to boost titan score, but else she’s just average dmg supporting sniper. Having Seshat I don’t think you need Khiona all that much.

Malicna is if you enjoy gambling and getting frustrated by losing most of the time.


Put Malicna in the corner and level up the Lord and after him Khiona!


Thank you all for your valuable input! I will level up dark lord to 3/70 first and test his synergy with the rest of purple team first!

Bera steht auch zur Wahl? Sie zieht aktuell Richtung #1 ,Malicna wird denke sehr gut sein, habe ich selbst noch nicht fertig aber, und khiona ist ein spitze held den ich zwingend nach bera leveln würde. Nie einfach wenn man die Wahl hat :wink:

I wish that I could understand your language, lol.

Ok, ill try in english (that was german :wink: ) . So

  1. Question Was if bera is part of Your evailable Heroes. Bera is actually raising up to one of the pupular purples. I wished she would be in my team :wink: .
  2. Ive got malicna too and i think shes ohne of the better ones, but i havent leveld yet.
  3. And khiona is one of the best heroes in the game. I would level in Position 2
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