Dark Lord Frustration

I shouldn’t have written that he lowers mana, but what I meant to say is that when coupled with certain battle items, like time stop, he can be very effective.

Got him on firts try thanks to Proteus (3.60) + LiXiu (3.60)
Proteus stops mana generation and LiXiu reduces mana. Not even once he fired his special…

The rest of the team were
Justice (2.40), Ranvir(2.35) + Boldtusk (3.60).
Ranvir helps with strong hits and lotsa misses

None maxed


I finally defeated the Dark Lord today 7 Nov 19 and i have to say the rewards is very underwhelming considering the long journey. I won’t be keeping my reward of bane.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your reward. There used to be no reward for finishing season 1. The devs gave the rewards retroactively to older players.


After the forum users proposed to SG to put in a reward because without it it was a missed pr chance.

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Hurray for the pioneers who went before us!!! Thank you!!! :bouquet: :clinking_glasses:

(Absolutely sincerely just in case you wonder…)

After deafeating the Dark Lord I use most of my loot tickets there. The reward is decent–just not exceptional.

I would suggest saving them for Atlantis Rises :slight_smile:

many threads on it but here are a couple:

And this is the gospel book for farming:

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I will when I can do them on hard. But when a stage costs 3 I would just rather do it. But I spend so much time and energy doing side quests and with a VIP pass, I go to look at my loot tickets and usually have a dozen or so.

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