Dark leveling advice requested

I find myself in a bit of a quandary right now, when considering what my best options are for levelling a dark hero. I have a lot of feeders ready, as I was hoping to get the Panther in this month’s event draws, but wasn’t that lucky. My problem is that I have a bunch of options, and most of them don’t seem obviously better or worse than any of the others.

My ascension resources for dark are 13 trap tools and 9 tabards.

For leveled 4*, I have both Tiburtus and Merlin to 4/70, Rigard and Sabina to 3/60.
Unleveled 4*, I have Cyprian and duplicates of all of the others except Merlin.

For dark 5*, I have Obakun, leveled to 3/70, and Thoth Amon, unleveled.
So far, I’ve mostly tried Obakun on titans and been underwhelmed. Until recently I haven’t done much with raids so I’m not sure how he performs there offensively, but defensively at that ascension level he’s again underwhelming, aka as easy to nail as any 5* 3/70 ever gets, from my viewpoint as a raider. Thoth Amon is more of a pain, but he’s not a think twice before attacking type hero either. I’m not sure whether it’d be a waste of materials to ascend either of them.

While my principle engagement with the game has been titans, I’ve found myself moving more towards raiding, as I’m about at the limit of my ability to effectively solo a titan with a one-member guild already.

My other leveled heroes:
Red: Natalya 4/74, Boldtusk 4/70, Falcon 4/70, Scarlett 3/34, Elena 2/60, Marjana, Azlar & Natalya unleveled, other 4* with limited leveling.
Yellow: Wu Kong, Jackal, Chao all 4/70, Li Xiu 3/60, Guinivere 3/66, Joon 3/37, Owl & Delilah unleveled.
Green: Alberich 4/37, Zeline 3/69, Caedmon 4/70, Melendor 3/46 Morgan 2/60, Locke, Morgan, Horghall & Kadilen unleveled. Other 4* with limited leveling.
Blue: Grimm & Kiril 4/70, Sonya 4/62, Boril 3/60, Perseus 3/70.
I have unleveled duplicates of all non-event 4* except Colen.

Does anyone have any advice about what dark hero I should be working on next? With all my other colours I have a clear and obvious hero priority list at least two long, but with dark, I’m just not sure what to tackle for most efficient game progression.

I have Obakan. He sucks. Hold off until you get Sartana. I’ve never regretted it. Merlin will help you win raids and events. I’d use Tiburtus against Titans since he cuts armor down.

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I have Thoth leveled, and as you note, he is not a hero that leads your finger to the recollection button. Obakan is also disappointing—Riposte on self only doesn’t cripple AoE hitters the way Elena’s does. So here’s another vote for holding on to your tabards. Purple healer next month.

I’d bring both Sabina and Rigard up for Alliance War fodder. Sabina is also great for tile damage on titans.

Cyprian helps on events with AoE, like Guardians. Not sure that’s worth the cost.


Thanks to you both for the advice.
I decided to go with ascending Rigard first, as I already have three dispellers at or close to the maximum ascension my available materials will allow. If nothing else comes along, then I’ll work on Sabina, and then Cyprian, on the principle that any hero is better leveled to 3/60 than not.
I’ll just hope that my luck will be reasonable next month for the HotM, or that my non-5*-producing TC20s will make up for their laziness with Sartana sometime soon.


Ok, firstly, eventually your problem will not be tabards or trap tools to advance your 5* heroes. It will be the lack of a Tome of Tactics. The Tome of Tactics is the rarest item in the game and is required to advance every single 5* hero to their final ascension. If you are not sold on a 5 star hero, then do not advance them to 4th tier no matter how many tabards or Trap tools you are holding. The limiting factor will always be how many Tomes of tactics do you have. Save those Tomes for Heroes for whom you have Zero doubts.

My recommendation would be to get Thoth Amon to Max 3rd ascension. He’s fun and tanky. He’s still a second rank 5* hero though. Save those ascension items for the “no brainer” ascensions and good luck getting Panther. I spent a Ton of money getting my first Panther and was extremely fortunate in my limited draws during the current event to gain a second Panther. I’ll be ascending that one too, but alas, I have no more Tomes of Tactics. Max Third Tier will have to be enough I guess.

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Thanks for the advice on Tomes of Tactics. For me they’ve been about as rare as tonics so far - so I have three left, one more than my current ‘I absolutely must ascend this’ heroes that I also have a reasonable chance of getting the other materials for in a realistic timeframe compared to levelling.
Edit: I have three or so months to wait until my budget gives me another crack at the Panther sadly. Still, my attempts this time did give me some other interesting 5* toys to play with, even if only one of them is worth fully ascending.

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