Dark Knights of Valor - Looking for active members

Hey there.

Dark Knights of Valor is an alliance about enjoying the game on a continuous basis by hitting titans, taking part in wars and dropping a line or two in chat when there is something to be said :slight_smile:
We are currently at 12 members who are almost all above 1500 trophies, not that it’s overly relevant. Preferably know the raw-basics and see yourself as a long-term member before applying, the rest will come.
Apply via in-game menu.


Hey @Alteran, we’re a smallish new alliance with a similar size core of players at a similar size to you guys… Plus a few hangers on…

Come check us out at Worldwide Wolfpack… I’m sure we could get you all in… The more the merrier as they say

Hey there.
I opened up a discussion within the alliance and the consensus is that while we have nothing against a merge, we won’t be disbanding the current alliance to join someone else.
If Worldwide Wolfpack is interested in a merger, we can discuss it happening with your alliance members joining us. Give it some thought and we can go from there :slight_smile:

Hey, OK I’ve put your response out for discussion… Will let you know the concencous ourside.

OK, I’ve put your suggestion to the team, and whilst we’re keen to build, the majority of members would prefer to keep plugging away as we are, under our banner… Invites are currently open to all on our alliance and we’re picking up some good players along the way… similar to your kind offer, feel free to join if you like, otherwise… Happy hunting

Just as a reminder to fresh browsing players, we are still open for new players. 400 cup minimum, so being new and needing advice is not an issue.

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