Dark hero to ascend

Which of the following would you ascend, they would go on my mono purple attack team of, kage, grimble, cost tibs, proteus and one of the following.
The options are
Thoth Amun
Mok Arr

Thanks in advance for your thoughts

Mok Arr for purple mono, definitely

The remainder are below average to poor in any case. At least Mok has his place in mono

And don’t be tempted by Thoth, he is a big bag of useless puke who you won’t use much if at all

Suggest a healer might be a nice idea? Rigard leaps to mind


Due to the new rush attack war rules, quintus will come in very handy.


I’d prob wait.
I wouldn’t do mok arr. bc the only time you’ll ever use him is in purple mono. he has no flexibility.
if I had to choose I’d prob go Thoth. but I’d wait if I were you.

None of them are ideal, Thoth or Quintus would be the choices though depending on the rest of your roster.

If you are going solely for mono purple, then definitely Mok Arr but he is not as usable in other modes of the game


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