Dark hero ascension Thoughts

I am getting close to ascending a dark hero. It’s between the four in the enclosed screenshot ( this is not actually a team but I edited it to avoid multiple screenshots ). I can ascend any one of them except Khiona( need one tabard ) should mention that I already have a Tiburtus,Sabina,and Jabbar fully ascended. Your input would be greatly appreciated :sunglasses:

I love Rigard but I think I would wait for the Tabbard for Khiona. She is great for me at 70 (need 2 tabbards) but will be going to 80 soon.

That’s my 2 cents.

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It depend of how many tabard you have. If you have 5 of them, wait and up Khiona. You can also wait for 8 traps. And i would definetely up Rigard.

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