Dark chest glitch


Well this is a first for me but I’m trying to fill the 150 dark enemy chest and spent 28 world energy on 7-4 which has many dark…and only got credited for 6 :frowning:

Is this a known glitch?

Purple monster chest

Did you try - just one time - another “dark enemy spot”? Just to see, if this is a problem, that only appears in 7-4…


Sure did but while trying to figure out what’s going on realized that I was being credited for dark heroes killed IN RAIDS! 150 to fill chest! I better get 20 of each ascension item for that :wink:


Currently I’m at 10 :slight_smile:


Did you try 5-5? There should be only dark / purple enemies. But nevertheless that would not solve the problem with 7-4.

And yes, the enemies defeated during raids also count for the chest. That’s no bug.


Yep, tried multiple different map levels…no credit for any map.

Thanks for reminding me that raids still count toward chest, I had forgotten…


Only thing is that the chest location is not the top chest. It’s the middle chest…usually the raid chest location…correct me if I’m wrong.


No worries. I’m sure it’ll get fixed.


I saw a post from someone recently who had the same problem. Closing the game and logging in again worked for him/her.


Yeah, restart game and/or phone should do the trick.


Also titans if they are of that color. It would be rare and only one for it to happen, but one time I was like ‘where did that extra one come from’ and it was the titan kill.


The only time I ever got a Elemental chest for Raids I was able to get credit for killing BOSSES of that element on teh higher levels, but not normal mobs. IIRC I had a Dark chest and used 16-4. Lower levels with bosses did not work. After 3 days of chipping away through raids thinking it would take me a month to complete… I was able to finish off in a day lol


It worked fine for me in 1.7 in that position.

May be a new 1.8 bug


Works fine on IOS 1.8.1 Build 244 ; just pulled a Fire Chest in the Raid slot, 11-6 red mobs increasing the counter.


me too. had fire chest in middle slot last night. 19-4 all enemies counted towards it. Was nice, dropped me an Orb and Tabard. :heart_eyes_cat:


I defeated 22 purple monsters in the Map but the count for the purple monster chest isn’t counting them and stays at 4/150. What’s wrong??


I have moved your post to a thread with what appears to be the same bug you are dealing with. Others have reported that a dark chest wasn’t filling properly. It seems that closing the game and logging in, or completely powering down your phone and turning it back on fixes this issue. Let us know how you make out!


Tnx for the quick reply. I powered down my Ipad 2017. Restarted, played 1x area 3-4 on Auto (yeah, I am a real daredevill with my level 22), also area 16-4 (by hand !!), got 22 monsters extra, but the monster count for the purple chest still is 4/150.
This monster chest replaced the normal Titan chest. Maybe there is the problem.


Please don’t tell me that I still have to defeat 146 purple Titans :(((


I am a 70+ senior !! Have mercy with me.