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I’d do even better, if possible, I’d send you a couple… My TC20s were kind enough to provide multiple Rigards. I got two maxed and one has the costume on at all times. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my 130 roster gets extremely crowded at times, especially while saving trainer heroes for some new project, I had to consume at least three copies of Rigard… Anyway, I’m all in favor of diversity and Rigard is one of the few heroes I have maxed more than once.

I have a +20 Sabina that typically sits benched except mostly for later war flags. Then again, I have Panther, so keep that in mind.

Sabina is a nice insurance policy if you’re fighting a buff heavy defense team and/or are worried about bad boards against the likes of Elena and riposters. Sometimes you just don’t want Seshat shooting herself in the face. I also use her when I go full mono against heavily emblemed Onatel or Guin tanks, but I always like double-healer offense.

(Getting back on topic, against said tanks are the only time I go back to classic Rigard. I’m usually banking on the mana shield proc. This can also happen if I see a Mitsuko flank.)

My mainline mono purple team:


Who would be the first choice between costume Rigard and Kunchen?

I don’t have Kunchen, so I can’t really say. My personal oppinion : defense Kunchen, as tank, attack costume Rigard for the invaluable attack boost and cleanse. If given a choice, I’d take Kunchen, but only because Rigard is a lot easier to come by.

As Ian said, it depends.

I don’t have Kunchen either, but I do regularly use Vivica, and what I can say is that slow speed is such a drag. With the proper mana troops and/or mana gain nodes, Rigard becomes active at the same (ish) time as fast speed heroes, and that makes such a difference in raids.

I’ve had a number of times when Vivica just wasn’t active because of the slow speed. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, sometimes it results in a setback or team wipe because she was one or two turns slower than a devastating special.

Rigard is average and can functionally be fast with the right setup. Kunchen will never be average speed no matter what you do.


(And no theorycrafting with high level mana troops, Alby, Khagan, Misandra etc. None of that matters in the first few turns of a raid/war)

On that note, Kunchen is hands down better if you have access to mana potions. So events, map, quests. Then the mana speed doesn’t matter as much.

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

My costumed Rigard is +9 (and I’ve been very happy with him), then I pulled Kunchen. I’ve been waffling about whether to take Kunchen to final ascension because they’re both purple cleansers and Kunchen has slow mana. But I suppose you can’t have too many healers for war.

Nope you can’t (within reason). I’ve been ascending duplicate healers recently because I keep running out, and since I’m one of the highest tier players in my alliance, I need to be taking out the bigger teams, and 3/60 4* heroes aren’t cutting it anymore.

I’ve got to 14 mainline healers now and plan to level and ascend a few more duplicate Rigards, Kirils, and maybe Boldtusks.

I have a few more at 3/60 or lower that I haven’t shown because that would take more time than I have. I just finished working on the unemblemed Melendor and Sabina a few days ago. I’m debating whether to finish base Melendor (4/27 as of right now) or final ascend Kashhrek, but I’m out of food right now anyway.

It’s put more flashy heroes on the backburner (Panther#2, Vela, Horghall) but I don’t really have the mats to ascend them nor much pressing need, so they’re a lower priority by comparison.

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Wait wait wait, so if i get a costume should i emblem the costume path instead of the regular rigard? because if so then im gonna be loosing a lot of resources since i have him at level 17 right now

Yes, you should reset IMO

Any specific path i should take

I personally didn’t bother resetting the emblem path… Mainly cause I’m a lazy ■■■■ and didn’t want to re-do all that ham & iron :stuck_out_tongue:

The paths I took married up pretty well anyways for what I would have liked.

I could leave it as is i guess but if i missed the 2% mana that might not be good lol

For average mana speed it’s not the end of the world:

Useful Tool

A powerful tool which can be used to calculate your offence Mana Boost can be found here:


I’m not seeing any obvious synergy that this pair offers, can you explain? +Attack boost does not change Proteus’ damage tick. It is fixed at the start of every battle and does not change.

Both are great support heroes. Mix them with three attackers of the strong color and you’ll have a hell of a deadly synergy…

Costumed Rigard simply put at shame Khiona.

Example of a great hero made even greater, totally the opposite of costumed Boldtusk.

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Fact is, Boldtusk was great just the way he was and wearing the costume would nerf him bad. People level his costume for the stats bonuses but I doubt anybody actualy takes a cook to the battlefield… pains me to see a great hero being mocked by his own creators… I think BT deserved a way more than a chef’s hat and a frying pan… sad… once a proud warrior, now a poor taste cullinary tv show host.


You have probably already made your choice but if you haven’t I wouldn’t reset. You can level another Rigard and emblem him using the nodes you want on costume. Reason is that Costume Rigard doesn’t fit all defenders. Ursena for instance. You’d be better of using the classic version instead since HoT is risky after her initial blow.


cooks are an important position in the army; I mean, how can your soldiers fight if they’re hungry?

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Yes, I have the utmost respect for cooks, I just don’t trust them with weapons :wink:

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