Dapper Noble tribute

Hy there, E&P crowd, I felt like starting this thread only to pay tribute to one of the greatest heroes out there. I believe any E&P enthusiast that means bussiness, no matter how many maxed 5* they got, has at least one maxed Rigard, more than one most likely (and if they don’t, they should), but the real lucky ones also have Rigard’s Dapper Noble costume. The costume truly unleashes Rigard’s potential, by adding the stats bonuses, but what makes it a must have, is the 48% attack boost, which is just amazing. This allowes me to replace Boldtusk with Wilbur if I stack reds and purples and the Rigard costume - Wilbur combo is utterly devastating. Also, the Proteus - Rigard costume duo became a permanent part of any 3/2 stack team, lately increasing my success rate in raids by a mile. So, here’s one for the Dapper Noble, one of the best out there!


This is very true. He’s functionally a 5* hero, but has the added advantage (as though the healing and the attack rally and the ailment cleansing were not enough) that he is promoted much more easily than other 5s. You could argue that he’s too strong for a 4 - isn’t he basically as good as Vivica when fully costumed?


And with the costume mana bonus, mana talent tree node, and mana troop you can get him to fast speed.

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Welcome @0366107899 :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice 1st try. :wink:
Keep it up.


If only a decent haberdashery was available to him in my kingdom. I’m afraid he cannot be properly dapper without a hat.



And maybe some botox


+5% costume mana bonus
+2% talent mana bonus
+5% level 1 mana troop
= special charged in 9 tiles


A costumed Rigard with fully maxed talent emblems is a beast! I haven’t gone back and used his other form in ages, I love pairing him with costumed vivica for raids!

You know a hero is great when he features in every war hit, among a roster full of 5 star heroes :stuck_out_tongue:


My purples are pretty bad but here is my question:

If I use costumed Rigard in a mono purple team, should I add Sabina as healer? If so, who should I drop from this team?

I haven’t use +20 Sabina since I got Rigard’s costume, except for war. Rigard does heal. That’s a verified fact.

Here’s my purple team. It rocks :wink:

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Can you tell my TC20s or coins/gems that? I’ve been trying to get a Rigard for a year…

edit: I do have his costume… from the first costume summons that doesn’t give the hero =/

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I’d do even better, if possible, I’d send you a couple… My TC20s were kind enough to provide multiple Rigards. I got two maxed and one has the costume on at all times. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my 130 roster gets extremely crowded at times, especially while saving trainer heroes for some new project, I had to consume at least three copies of Rigard… Anyway, I’m all in favor of diversity and Rigard is one of the few heroes I have maxed more than once.

I have a +20 Sabina that typically sits benched except mostly for later war flags. Then again, I have Panther, so keep that in mind.

Sabina is a nice insurance policy if you’re fighting a buff heavy defense team and/or are worried about bad boards against the likes of Elena and riposters. Sometimes you just don’t want Seshat shooting herself in the face. I also use her when I go full mono against heavily emblemed Onatel or Guin tanks, but I always like double-healer offense.

(Getting back on topic, against said tanks are the only time I go back to classic Rigard. I’m usually banking on the mana shield proc. This can also happen if I see a Mitsuko flank.)

My mainline mono purple team:


Who would be the first choice between costume Rigard and Kunchen?

I don’t have Kunchen, so I can’t really say. My personal oppinion : defense Kunchen, as tank, attack costume Rigard for the invaluable attack boost and cleanse. If given a choice, I’d take Kunchen, but only because Rigard is a lot easier to come by.

As Ian said, it depends.

I don’t have Kunchen either, but I do regularly use Vivica, and what I can say is that slow speed is such a drag. With the proper mana troops and/or mana gain nodes, Rigard becomes active at the same (ish) time as fast speed heroes, and that makes such a difference in raids.

I’ve had a number of times when Vivica just wasn’t active because of the slow speed. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, sometimes it results in a setback or team wipe because she was one or two turns slower than a devastating special.

Rigard is average and can functionally be fast with the right setup. Kunchen will never be average speed no matter what you do.


(And no theorycrafting with high level mana troops, Alby, Khagan, Misandra etc. None of that matters in the first few turns of a raid/war)

On that note, Kunchen is hands down better if you have access to mana potions. So events, map, quests. Then the mana speed doesn’t matter as much.

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

My costumed Rigard is +9 (and I’ve been very happy with him), then I pulled Kunchen. I’ve been waffling about whether to take Kunchen to final ascension because they’re both purple cleansers and Kunchen has slow mana. But I suppose you can’t have too many healers for war.

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