Who’s got the meanest danzaburro out there ??
Mine is 5th stage emblems !!! :wink:

I hate him :persevere::disappointed_relieved::open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face::persevere::disappointed_relieved::open_mouth: a lot

Why ???
Kicks Wu Kong and others any day !!

I hate him because I hate fighting him and I don’t have him. If I ever get him then I’ll hate/love him!

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Mine is at 3/60 and I find him just as frustrating as Wu. If nothing better comes along I might give him some orbs when I get a couple more, but that freeze :cold_face: is usually poorly timed.

Probably more of a fun hero than a game changer for me

Waste of emblems not gonnna lie

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Put him on defense and you won’t know if, when and how often he freezes :wink:

I like him, even if he’s only second tier lvl 13…

There are allready topics on him, I think.

Now with emblems he’s actually very good evading attacks
Got me out of some sticky situations and I can always reset but even with freezing sometimes he’s done more good than harm
Btw once maxed and emblems applied he rarely freezes and if against weaker opponents
When it really matters my danzaburro has always had my back !!!

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I have him but i choose Khiona to spend my tokens. And i have other very frustating heroes to play with.

Frustrating like who ?
Example of something I really didn’t like is skittleskul feed them all to my kashreck/horghal/kadilen
Even little John!!

I play him together with Wu and Vivica in a 2/3 team some times for fun.
The outcome is either:
“Wow! This was awesomely awful…”
“Holy… this was so badly fantastic!”

Oh, and I maxed him btw.


Seems like a waste. He’s easy to kill and only ever seems to freeze himself when I face him.

With aeron nearby, he cant freeze himself. Aeron protects danzaburo

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I have Dan maxed as well as Aeron other than luck of the trick I’m use to his special and works perfectly if you have the right lineup. His special is a pain but Rumpelstiltskin is just the same and I wouldn’t mind him.

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At least ALL of Rumples skills helps your team. The freeze is just painful.

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It is start a new Danzaburo era.
Fear the n**ples :face_with_monocle:


Deleted my 2, in war he always froze. In raids he is not dependable. I don’t miss the diper babys

Go for the Hatter with him. He may steal your freeze… :wink:

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how and with what skills ?

Card says, he (Hatter) dispels the opponent and adds their buffs to the own team.

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