Danzaburo's special skill, mode frost

In the Danzaburo’s special skill, in mode frost, change the duration of mana blocked 2 turns to 3 turns and agree:

  • 15% health
  • Discard negative status effects to all allies

Is this a feature request?

Otherwise, his epic fail card will continue to block Danza’s mana regen, unless under the skills of Poseidon, Guardian Gazelle, or other heroes that gives Danza and other ally heroes immunity to new status effects.

You know how much they love their RNG.

This hero, like Wu, has some nice upsides balanced by a 33% chance of a negative outcome.

Unlike Wu, there really isn’t a consistent use case for the wacky little nipple bear.

When he’s good, he’s pretty good, but he really doesn’t do enough with the other specials to justify the one that really sucks

Some kind of redesign might be nice, but I have no expectations that they will rebalance a season 2 four star

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