Danzaburo Vs. LiXiu?!?

I just got Danzaburo, he looks awesome!? He looks better than my LiXiu??? Which is best in your opinion?

What do you have maxed already?

What do you have maxed in other colours?

Generally speaking, LiXiu is far more reliable and useful.


I prefer Li Xiu, for several reasons.

Li Xiu’s special is more reliable - when you activate it, you know what is going to happen, so you can make decisions on how to best combine multiple active/ready specials on your team. If you don’t mind the gamble, Danzaburo’s special is very effective - two of the three effects are 5* quality abilities, with the downside being that 1/3 of the time he does nothing and can’t gain mana for a couple turns.

If you get Li Xiu’s costume, she can become even more powerful. If you are willing to sacrifice the mana cut to 10%, she will do a good chunk more damage than the non-costume version; and she is very durable also.

I have one Danzaburo; I got a 2nd one in the current Atlantis portal but I fed him away. I have one maxed Li Xiu (with costume also maxed) and I’m working on a second. This is partly due to me only having gotten two 5* Yellow so far, and so I’m working with what I have. But I have not been disappointed with Li Xiu, and I use her in every war. I rarely use Danzaburo anymore, so I decided that having two of him wasn’t worth it for me.

Good gaming!


I’ll stick with LiXiu… Keep Danza on my 2nd team…

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Max the costume to get the bonus, but I keep her original form as the mana cut is more useful. My other yellow do the damage :slightly_smiling_face:


Imo, Li Xiu is more straight forward than Danza. He is good if you can tolerate the rng associated with his special.

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I use her in costume form because, for me, mana cut is a delaying tactic whose primary benefit is in the first 1% (is: preventing imminent specials firing).

On top of this, I primarily use her in farming or 4* events in which the extra damage on all stages is more useful to me than a touch more cut on the bosses.

We all think differently and that’s what makes life so interesting.


I’m using her in a mono yellow team with the four tc20 5*.

So all the damage is coming from tiles, Joon and leo.

If it’s going wrong, I need Li to buy me a move or two so that Viv and justice can steady the ship

Amen to that!


guys come on, they’re 4*, max both. What are we talking about here?

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Not everyone has that luxury yet…

Some players have a bottleneck for ascension materials for 4* hero’s.

I think if you had the mats to max one of the two, it should be Li.


I’m with @Aunty_Krauser, although Tony Danza would likely be a bit too OP if he didn’t have a downside. The two turn freeze with no mana gain is tolerable for the chance of swords in a tight match.
Personally I think he is overlooked by players lacking holy hero’s. He’s been the last hero standing in quite a few wins for me.


@PapaHeavy I agree and he is a fairly tanky holy rogue. Which is very surprising as only other tanky rogues in the 4 and 5 star range that I can think of are Kelile, Marjana, and him.

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I like danza but I do like random too soo if you want stable go with lixiu.
Av a brouse of this

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