Danzaburo VS Guardian Jackal

Considering the talents of these two heroes, who do you think should be ascended first. Both are in 3-60 and ascension materials available.

Kindly state your reason for choice to aid me take a decision.

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Edit: reason being is elemental down. Best thing to have for titans and some offensive situations


G Jackal being an elemental defence down hero makes him an easy choice. Great glass cannon


Seriously jackel is a must have hero - anyone that says Danza is lying to you


Too easy, G. jackal, who is actually one of the few 4* that deserve to be fully emblemed up, way to useful, Dansaburo is a joke.


In my honest opinion, it should be 100% Jackal even I do not know the rest of your heroes, and also 2nd Jackal 1st if you have 2 Jackal.

Reason: very fast, high tile damage, very unique skill only jackal can do elemental def down yellow, must have for purple titan, and in raid can be as 1-2 punch with Joon or Poseidon or Leonidas. And also because my avatar is Jackal.


I have 2 jackals, one emblemed, he’s going all the way to the top as fast as I can get him there, Danza is sitting at 3/60 and he’s not impressing me at all the few times I’ve used him


Danza is really seeming a joke hence I’masking to know more that I won’t be mistaken by underrating him.


def jackal then give some emblems you will use him more,I have a danza too I like him always use him on war and maybe a raid here and there, still worth maxing!


Jackal is a utility hero… I have two maxed and a third at 3/60. Perfect if you’re running a 3/2 stack against a guin tank with Poseidon or joon. Necessary for your titan team.

Danzaburo is more of a “fun” hero. His specials, to me, are not dependable… I know the one I don’t want will be the one that goes off, which could cost me a win in a battle during war. I’d rather not take that chance. But playing the world map? Sure…

And then there’s the mana speed…


This is the part of Danzaburo that I hate. When you’re keen about his swords, you see him going into hibernation. The next move by your enemy ends your raid. Opposite of the magic you want is what you’d always get. The probability of his swords coming is very low. Really affecting my raids so I’m trying to understand if there’s more to him than I already know.

Jackal because of the elemental down. He is one of the very few if not only very fast charging heroes. Which means with enough tiles, he can fire A LOT in a match.


Do you consider 33% “very low”? If yes then you are correct.

The answer to your question is G Jackal, one of the very best Holy heroes, game changer on dark titans, helps keep Kunchen tanks at bay…all around spectacular. Also, when maxed, feed him emblems, this shouldn’t be a doubt either.



Your roster

Normally I say, what is in your roster, but yellow 4* heroes are a sorry bunch.



But only after you get Wu Kong to 4* 4.70 .

Jackal is not great on defense, even if you have 2x Jackal 4*+1 ( see below ).

But Danzaburo is good on defense, attack, and class quests.

Eventually you will get more 3* Orbs, and you can level 1x or 2x Jackal to 4* 4.70 .

But I get much more use out of my Danzaburo 4*+1 than my Jackal 4*+1 .


I only have 1x Jackal 4*+1, but I am slowly chasing 1x Falcon ( Retired 2 Play / Return On Investment 2 Play / Free 2 Play ) so I might get a second Jackal.

If I ever get 2x Jackal I will level them both to 4*+1 just like 2x Valeria ( also only have 1x Valeria 4*+1 but desperately want 2x Valeria ) because 2x Jackal 4*+1 is awesome. Just like 2x Valeria, they combo beautifully together.

Just like 2x Valeria, they are 4* 4.70 heroes so require 48% Hero XP, 50% 3* non farmable ascension items, and 26% of the food cost of a 5* 4.80 hero.

But Jackal is a Glass nuke ( see notes ).

If Jackal is dead, you cannot get the yellow defense debuff. This is why Falcon, Frida, Panther, Evelyn, King Arthur are better than Jackal.

You still get some of the highest normal/ matching/ physical damage of a dead hero ( grave damage ), but several other yellow 4* / 5* heroes also have high grave damage.


Click for notes

Jackal Defense stat

Jackal attack stat

Food for leveling

([Reference, Math] Food costs when Leveling 3* / 4* / 5* heroes [generic food comparison])

Hero XP for leveling

Comparing Base stats

Comparing special skills



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Guardian Jackal is an amazing 4*. All the above is true about him. Just remember he is a Rogue. At +20 emblems it seems that he evades every other possible hit. His defense is still low but he avoids a lot of damage.

I’m working on #3 while Danzaburo waits his turn. In honesty I have never used a maxed Danzaburo.


I’m going to be maxing my 2nd Jackal soon before Danza.

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What path did you use? Please share if you don’t mind.

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Here it is. A lot of people recommend boosting a hero’s strengths. I chose to boost his hp and def for survivability.

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I maxed two Jackals before finishing Danza. When using Danza, bring him as a joker - you must never be depending on him, be sure you can make do without him and consider him throwing a useful special a pure bonus.

For me, he only comes out in second string yellow mono cleans. Very rarely does this crappy team of rag tags make sense, so Danza is mostly collecting dust (even though I love the idea of him and his art!).


I re-raise and say 3 Jackals before Danza, if you have them.