Danzaburo sucks

Can you all do something more with danzaburo? He is such a pointless character. More than half the time I just get mana freeze. His attack sucks and this game involves strategy why have a random attack that you don’t know if you will get. Can’t drop him cause I need another 4 star holy. He is just so so bad it drives me nuts. Does anyone actually use him in there team if they don’t need to?

I used him as I need 6 teams for war and in critical situation he casted freeze and silent for 2 turns :man_facepalming:


Exactly, I have him fully ascended and talent grid level 7, but for alliance wars he is used in my 4th attack, but labeled as my 7th strongest character according to the power. Just take away two of the three and make it consistent so he can be used in battle more efficiently.


That freeze ability need to remove otherwise very frustrating hero


I am sorry, I won’t vote for it. I have Danza maxed and sometimes used in trial events and raid tourneys. He is the best representation of Empires and Puzzles and in RNG as you don’t know what his skill will be next when activated, same as when you summon heroes and troops from the various summoning portals or when you train heroes from the training camps, or when you open a filled chest, or rewards from tourneys, titans, wars, and even Mystic Visions. He is what he is and I am surprised he is not made as an iconic epresentative of this game the same way Richard and Vivica and Elena so commonly portrayed.

Despite his flaws, I still love him.


Danza has two powerful skills, quite over the edge for his tier. And he is quite bulky.

The 33% of freeze is actually there for the balance reasons. Otherwise, he would be very powerful. It is a gamble game so not necessarily appealing to everyone, but he’s fine the way he is (I used to use him a lot - and now still take him to 4 star tournaments if I am taking a yellow stack…).


+1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Skills aside, he still has very good stats compared to his 4* yellow peers. However, Danza’s most useful skill is that he makes you feel something, even if it’s anger :sweat_smile: @Olmor :kissing_heart:


True I understand the balancing act, but it’s hard to strategize against teams you are going to attack with the balance. I have had 3 games where I got only freeze and no other of his tricks. Pretty frustrating to lose an attack because you get that many freezes. I think the beat option would be to remove freeze, weaken the attack (which they recently increased) and provide a small mana boost for allies. This allows you to use him effectively like other characters. Knowing how to use him, not just crossing your fingers and hoping for the trick you need. When battling there isn’t that much luck in this game. Yes it depends on the board a lot and you can consider that luck, but most hero’s you know their attacks and can use them to help win. With him it is entirely luck.

True, that is why I suggest Danzaburro to be treated only as a supporting pick and not one to build the team around. He’s just too unreliable. Other heroes must be strong enough to sustain in battle in case he **** himself. But if he fires on of his other specials, he can either secure the win, or turn the fight around. Just need to be ready to accept this kind of ‘gamble’.

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I agree. Him and Wu Kong are 2 of the finest RNG heroes at their best.

If a player does not like Danzaburo and his skills, he/she should have made a feeder out of him. Leveling, maxing and embleming him is nobody’s fault but the player who did so, knowing full well what his skills entail at level 1/1 and at 4/70 since anyone can view his maxed stats and what his Trickster’s Gambit would do at the time when such hero is summoned during the opening of Atlantis portals.

Really, it is in the hero card and all a player needs to do is read it, and from it, can act upon on informed decisions whether they level such hero or feed him to other better heroes. And this seems to be a trend nowadays, especially when drawing an apparently weaker HOTM. They fail to understand that these HOTMs are just a bonus draw, a freebie. And yet they max the hero and when it is really indeed underwhelming at max level, go on and about in the community forum requesting for a buff, i.e. Neith, Margaret, Grimble, Thoth, Perseus and lately, even Raffaele. Darn, it is your fault maxing the said hero quick even if you already knew what such hero would do based on what you can read from the hero card. Such whiners, it is so suffocating already.


Yep, yep, yep, yep and 20 characters of yep

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Just for reference - you can see how good his special is when Swords or Bottles hits:

And he’s doing that at average speed, not slow. If you consider the mana gain and the mana stop, he’s probably cycling through three specials at about the same speed as a slow hero would go through two.


Is it just me or did you sneak 2 crotch-shots into your pictures? :thinking: @ApollosEmpire and his please don’t send boobs anymore (but really…keep sending boobs) thread would be proud of you :rofl:

nice photoshopping though, that’s helpful to see it that way.


Nothing Danza isn’t showing :wink:

My original take had the ladies cut off at their necks in order to fit both cards on one side, but it reminded me of that exact thread. So I re-cropped them to something more tasteful.

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Early in play, my alliance used Yellow tanks, and my only Yellow was Danza, who I took to +20. He makes an excellent tank for a 4*.

In response to ‘the freezes ruin him,’ bear in mind that the bad things will stay in your memory. There have been plenty of times my Danza hit Swords, and that single move sealed the victory for me.

I liked him enough to level a 2nd one. Double Danzaburo Danger!!! Or you know, double freeze. :smiley:


Leave Danza alone, I really enjoy his unpredictability and is a fun hero.

There needs to be more fun in things

@Ultra I do believe you could be Rigs’ long lost brother with such truthful statements

There are rounds that freeze is less active, but I have had multiple games where that is the only trick that shows out of about 5 or so specials. The problem is when he freezes like that, he dies off very quickly because he is then more pointless than a 2* character.

Maxed a danza have another at 3/60
Maxed will use on war titan and trials the 3/60 maybe on a clean up in war.
He can save the day or f it up :woman_shrugging: don’t mind the little fella haha

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I am nowhere near his majesty. Not even close. @Rigs is one of the very few original whose numerous statements are as straight as an arrow, sharp but true.

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