Danzaburo or Kelile

I’ve powerleveled both for the rouge trials, but I don’t know if they’re worth the final ascension and who will get the rouge emblems.
Danzaburo is 44/3 and the only yellow I can level (or I ascend Hu Tao from 60/3).
Kelile is 60/3 so I could ascend her, but I also have a Wilbur waiting at 49/3.
Both are my only rouges. I have enough barbarians, but only 3 Sorcerers, so I need them.

Definitely do Wilbur instead of Kelile, much more versatile and powerful hero

If the only reason you are ascending those two is for trials, you should maybe reconsider. Danzaburo is fun but not acclaimed as the best yellow 4 star. If you are f2p and unlikely to pull another yellow four star, then you could put Danza up - he is a bit random but two of his three skills are very powerful. But I would probably wait for Li or Wu, unless you already have those ascended

You can generally do the trials with a team 500 to 1000 below recommended team power,if you carpet bomb the end heroes with bomb, axes , dragons etc. don’t spend materials on below par heroes just for trials, I made the mistake of giving Aegir some warm cloaks for this purpose and now I have buyers regret


Thanks for your help.

I’m C2P and have been running TC20 for a while now. I already have Wu, Chao, Li Xiu and Leonidas fully leveled. I only need Danzaburo for two reasons: Trials and to speed up mana for Kageburado in war.
Kelile is also just an extra, since I already have a lot of 4* reds and Azlar.
Shadow trial team is at 3k strength. I think it’s possible to beat, but I could make sure if I level my rouges a bit more.
Are Danzaburo or Kelile worth the emblems? I probably won’t be getting Peters/jackal or any 5*s anytime soon.

On Danza, if you’re not going to get a five star yellow anytime soon (Or it is at least unlikely) then your motivation for giving him orbs seems sound

But I have had Kelile at 3/60 for a while. I have the blades and she might have got them, but I pulled Wilbur at last Atlantis and they are now reserved for him, it will be a month or two while I max Mitsuko, but I will wait for him, he is that much of a game changer compared to Kelile

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I like Kelile, actually. She’s a good little quick sniper. That being said, if it’s between her and Wilbur for the blades, I’d stick with Wilbur. As Infinite said, he’s a gamechanger and she isn’t.

I also probably wouldn’t waste my orbs on Danza.

I’d finish Wilbur, go as far as you can in the trials, and if you end up with four extra blades and nobody to spend them on, finish Kelile.

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You’ve got a solid team. For Rouge challenge team, Kelile will probably help you more.
Danza giving Kage a boost…mmmm. Kelile probably still help you more now.

Kelile was one of my first maxed 4*, she was my first red 4*. She still comes with me on raids, decent hit and solid defense so survives. DOT is useful.
Danza was my first yellow 4* and is at 4-60. I like him, he is tough and survives but he is now a war team player and now the new class challenge team.
Kelile is predictable, you know what you get. Quick, decent hit + DOT and can take one punch from most any hero with the exception of the fully maxed 5* elite snipers.
Danza is fun but will have you pulling out your hair unless you are truly zen. He’ll win you some battles you should lose and freeze just when you could have won easily (but lose by a (gray) hair).
Kelile would be my vote for overall usefulness and from what you posted. Just my opinion.

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i am doing Danza for now , plan to use him as Yellow tank in AW , -54% blind is awesome if hitted.
well the main reason because i am using Kage as well , gonna do Family buff

Kelile is decent , she is similar as Scarlett but hit 1 target , both are usefull as Clean Squad in AW due Fast Mana Regen , 3-60 is good enuf but if you dont have another Red todo then go for 4-70

my priority for *4 Red BT > Wilbur > Gormek > Scarlett > Colen > Kelile

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