Danzaburo, Li Xiu or just wait?

I have no Yellow 5* but I already have Wu Kong and Chao maxed, with Danzaburo and Li Xiu at 3.60 waiting.

Now I got the last materials I needed to ascend one of the two but I’m not sure what to do.

Will I find a way to make Danzaburo useful? Or should I take advantage of the Li Xiu AOE ability (which I lack in my team, I have mostly snipers)? Or should I just wait for a 5* to appear and (magically) that 5* is Vivica :smile:?

Any suggestions?

Li Xiu’s AoE damage isn’t that great tbh, but I have her maxed and have been using her in raids for when I face average or slow casters to cut into their mana. I have Danzaburo as well but haven’t touched him, nor Chao.

Would recommend waiting on the Guardians event and see if you get Jackal in case you’re planning on doing some pulls. He’s one of the best 4* yellows around.

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Danz is kinda fun but very unreliable n seems 2 freeze more than shld. LI is useful But agree may consider waiting n c what pull during UPC pool ming event

I’ll stick up for Li.

She’s average mana, so the attack isn’t brutal.

But she’s saved me numerous times by skimming mana of multiple enemies waiting to fire.

I like to pair her and Chao for really effective mana control.

Given that Guardians is this week, it won’t hurt to wait to see if you get lucky with Jackal. If you don’t, go with Li.

I thought it was scheduled for later. If it’s next week I guess it will start on Thursday as usual.

I’m usually bad ad drawing special heroes, let’s see if this time is different :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the suggestions!

Events are usually the second Thursday of the month. Since last Thursday was the 1st, this Thursday should be Guardians

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