Danzaburo and Aeron

I think Danzaburo tricks are pretty nice for an average speed, however the freeze trick can be really annoying.
Has anyone tried him together with Aeron to see if Aeron’s protection avoids Danzaburo negative effect (just like it happens with the easter rabbits)?

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I have him but didn’t use his freezing “disability” yet. I’m also questioning if his worth it to upgrade to full capacity. Does anyone has any thoughts on this?

I’m tempted to make him my next yellow project just for fun playing around, but I’m not sure how useful he would be to me as a boost to my real bench effectiveness.

I got him and read that he is one of the best 4s yellow. I should have him maxed in the next 24 hours and will post more later

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I tried it, and yes, Aeron’s shield appears to prevent Danzaburo’s freeze (at least it shows he resisted it):


Interesting finding!

Poseidon also works, so Danza is nice addition to yellow team.

WOW, some real necrophilia from me.


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