Dante's Titan Damage Tracking Sheet


So I cleaned up the sheet I’ve been using to track my titan hits.

This sheet is mean to be a personal titan damage tracker so individuals can track their titan progress. It wasn’t designed for multiple people.

The data is stored and looked at on the TitanScores tab. Some of the cells you input data or select from a drop down, some auto-populate based on your entries or drop-down selection.

The Columns that you manually enter data into are the “Date” column, the “Hit1” through “Hit8” column, and the comments/notes column. The date column is expecting dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format. The “Hit” columns expect numbers. If you don’t add number, but instead add text, the formulas won’t add correctly.

"Some columns have drop-down menus that affect what happens in other cells. First select the ““Star”” of the titan. Once you select that, it will restrict selections in the ““Titan Name”” and ““HP”” columns to selections appropriate for that level of titan. Once you select your titan name, it will auto-populate the ““Color”” column AND will auto-fill the background color to that of the selected titan color.

Additionally, Hero1 through Hero5 are drop-downs. Selecting your hero will auto-fill the background of the hero’s color just like when you select a titan"

Once you add data to the “Hit” columns, the sheet will automatically count your hits and add up the damage. IMPORTANT: a cell that is blank won’t count as a hit, but a cell with 0 in it will. So do not fill in 0’s into cells unless you actually had a 0 damage titan hit (i.e. you lost connectivity after starting the fight). If you want to delete the data out of a “Hit” cell, just use the delete key, don’t fill in a 0.

In the lower right-hand side, there are five pre-calculated formulas to average your score by color. There’s also a drop-down to get your average by star. Click on the number to select the drop-down. If you select a titan level that you don’t have any data for, it will tell you that.


Feel free to leave any comments. The first tab has instructions, the 2nd tab is the usable sheet. There are other hidden data tabs.

I left my most recent few titans in so you could see sample data.


One thing to note - it uses a lot of named lists, nested lists, and INDIRECT(VLOOKUP)) in Excel. If you try and have another spreadsheet program use it (like Google Drive), it won’t work correctly.

If someone wants to play with it and modify it for google drive, feel free. There are 2 hidden tabs and the password to unprotect them is “poop” (yes quite mature). If you’re going to modify it, please post the results back here for everyone to use.


neat! thank you!
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