Damast leafs

How is’t possible that you receive regulary with the chest, wars, special events all kinds of special items for upgrading heroes except the damast leafs?

It is been at least 4 months since I received one? Do we need to spend lot’s of money perhaps?
Keep the game fair provide neccesary items for players or they will get out.

Aside from the usual suggestions, complete the rare quests. Each cycle has two Farholme Pass events, one of which has a Damascus Blade in it. The next one should be the third rare quest upcoming in the sequence.

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These are the Rare Quests, which cycle every 7-10 days, in order, and then repeat. As you can see, it is possible to win a free Damascus Blade every 7th Rare Quest, or roughly every 49-70 days.

OK, my bad but do you find it normal that an items apears only “roughly” every 49-70 days?
I for sure don’t, I do not say they have to be there every week, but once a month is that asked to much?

Seems only fair because each 5* hero needs a damascus blade for levelling…