Damascus blades, who to put the knives into

Following advice from here recently I’m working on maxing Leonidas to replace Wu in my defence team, 3 Damascus blades remaining and as two are destined for Kadilen and Anzogh once i get the rings and tonics needed I’m just making sure i give the 3rd to the right hero. The temptation is there to eventually throw in Sartana for a full 5* team but i don’t think i could lose Rigard for heals.

Considering you have Anzogh and Isarnia, I wouldn’t be too concerned on removing Rigard for Sartana when you’ll have the mats.

Anzogh’s healing depends on how much damage he deals and that works well with Isarnia’s defense debuff. But it would be ideal if she shoots before Anzogh, to maximize his special’s effect.

I like Leonidas, but remaining on sinergies, I would consider maxing Ranvir (increased attack = good for Anzogh).

Last note: I was too in the situation that I had to remove Rigard to create a full 5s team. Although I love him, I never regretted the decision to take him out.
Worst case scenario, you can always put him back.


Thank you, yes i think it will happen at some point with Rigard, depending on the situation. Right ok so Ranvir is another option then, and i don’t have any other fire 5* to replace Anzogh atm so he’s kind of always there

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On the other hand you should consider that, in the time you are waiting for the rings and tonics, the chances to get a fourth blade are not that bad.


Ranvir is also useful for Titans. The only problem with him he doesn’t have much life… from this point of view, checking at the heroes alone, Leonidas would be better, as he also heals himself for 75% of the damage inflicted.

But, considered the sinergies, as said I would also consider Ranvir. Anzogh will heal him, and also for now you have also Rigard helping keeping him alive.

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My view: stop training Ranvir, you have an emblemed Wu. I would train Miki if you want another Titan option

Sartana is better than Leo by any objective measure, I have Leo as one of my three ascended yellow 5s, but he doesn’t enormously impress. I also have a Sartana fully ascended and she’s doing a lot more work than Leo.

Defensively Kadilen is nice enough but on attack she needs a defense debuffer to be effective - Evelyn would be perfect for matched speeds. I don’t think Kadilen is really worth tonics unless you’re F2P, or you’re ascending your third or fourth five star in green

I’d go Anzogh and Sartana and maybe wait after that; perhaps Miki

Magni is also a good option for offense and defense


She’s the only 5* green i have, so in your opinion would Sartana replace Rigard or her in a defence team? I’m guessing her and have a dark two stacked team

This is true thank you

Thanks Bo I’m soaking everything in

Don’t be too worried about your defense, to me you should concentrate on levelling the right heroes for offense, Titans and events, so that you can get the materials you need to ascend your heroes further. Your defense is pretty secondary really


Yes something i messed up on a great scale during my earlier days I’m afraid. Came in to this blind thinking legendary’s etc were easy to come by as i was showered with them at first, not knowing anything i know now i won’t go into the amount of heroes I’ve fed to others in the past for fear of embarrassment of legendary proportion. Let’s just say it’s pretty bad. Only now am i keeping all heroes 3* above, and it’s thanks to this forum it’s so.

You have some solid 4s that I’d max before spending a lot of resources and time on 5s… Hansel, caed, wilbur, Scarlett, bold… all heroes that will get you depth for war and success in raids.

I do agree miki over rav… and wait on kad. Magni and Sartana will both be great additions to you roster.


Ok thank you, so actually fully ascend some 4s before the 5s. Appreciate the help


Yes, and *4 can use for event challange both in Epic and Legendary limitation. And also use for tournamnent, etc.

IMO, ascend order priority:
Red: WIlbur (ascend), BT (ascend), finish Scarlett, Sir Lancelot and Colen to 3.60, (Anzogh) or wait other red. Scarlett is very high attack tile.
Blue: finish Magni 3.70, finish Boril to 3.60, finish 1&2 Thorne to 2.60
(wait for Kiril, Sonya and Grimm, and switch after you get one of those 3 key blue heroes)
Green: Hansel (ascend), Melendor (ascend), Caedmon (ascend), finish Skittleskull to 3.60, finish Kashshrek to 3.60.
Yellow: you have already maxed Wu Kong, so Ranvir can wait, you do not have any maxed *4 yellow, Wu Kong only for Titan, so ascend Chao and Hu Tao.
Purple: Merlin (ascend), finish Ameonna to 3.60 (good for offense), finish Jabbar to 3.60, finish Sartana to 3.70, finish Obakan to 2.60.


I’d max ameonna too… eventually.


Yes, but after Merlin, or if we have Proteus switch the order, Proteus 1st before all purple.
IMO: Proteus > Rigard > Merlin > Sabina > Tiburtus > Cyprian > CCat > Ameonna > Gafar > Jabbar
(but it also depend on what other heroes we have and our playstyle of course).



Spoken from the person who racked up a bunch of heroes and focused on 5* first only to regret it and get stuck with difficulty in raids/quests/wars because I have all these heroes with low/no power…

Focus on 4* before you indulge in the 5s. You should try to level at least 10-15 solid 4s before you start working on the 5*s

Finish Boldtusk/Hansel/Caedmon/Melendor/Wilbur/Scarlett/Kashhrek/Boril/etc.

I see @jinbatsu has given you some good advice and a leveling game plan, he helped me a great deal as well.

But overall you have a very nice roster and once you get your teams in order you will be smashing your stats :slight_smile:


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