Damascus Blade Frustration

I’ve been playing at a very active pace since November of 2018, I fill every chest that appears that same day, kill every Titan, complete every tier in every challenge, etc. etc. In the entirety of the ~8 months that I’ve been playing, I have never once received a Damascus blade! How in the hell am I suppose to move forward in this game?!?

I have 6 heroes at 3-70, 10 heroes at 2-10, and 16 heroes at 3-60.

I feel like I am stuck, how is it that after spending a ■■■■ ton of money in this game, dedicating so much time and energy every single day, that I can’t even ascend a single 5* hero to 4th tier?!

How is it that I haven’t received a single blade in the entirety of playing?! 8 months and not one. That’s just ridiculous.


Presumably you mean that you haven’t received any beyond the ones you’ve gotten from Farholme Pass, which should have come up a few times within that 8 month period.

The short answer is: RNG. There are 7 4* ascension items, and as a category, 4* AM are rare.

If 4* AM were 5% of the AM from titans (they’re not, it’s undoubtedly lower), then you’d average one for every 70 killed titans (of lower than 12*). And the 95% probable point would be over 200 titans.

So it’s possible to be a bit unlucky and go the better part of a year with none of a particular 4* AM dropping outside of the rare quests and seasonals.


It really can be frustrating when you are stuck on an ascention item. In the meantime, I have some advice based on a previous post you had. Your hero help

If you want to add depth to your roster, I would suggest spending some gems on hero slots instead of summons. You’ll be able to level heroes more quickly which will give you more options on raids and war. You’ve got some good heroes, but it makes life so much easier when you can level multiple at the same time. I’ve been playing since September and have 189 slots.

I have found that even at 3/60, the core 4* heroes can take out the majority of lower diamond teams. I’m just beginning to make the jump to work on my 5* heroes. So, in a way it has greatly reduced my frustration on the low mat drop, because I’m not attempting to get a single hero maxed.

I know that wasn’t the OP and I’ve gotten a wee bit off topic, but I think it will help you feel less upset at the roadblocks.

Oh, and do the farholme pass! You’ll get your D-blade or a Tome, depending on which part of the rotation we are on.


I’m confused because I know I’ve done the farmholme challenge but I think I just got the tome.

Oddly enough, I have 4 tomes

there are 2 kind of Farholme Pass , one with DBlade and other with Tome.


Farholme alternates between Tome and Blade, but happens twice as often:

Because true randomness is streaky and clumpy, it is common to have lots of some AM and few of others. It’s one of the weaknesses of being wedded to pure random for drops as SG apparently is.


I´ve been playing since feb 19 and I received my first damascus blade last week in an elemental Holy Rides chest! But, next Farholme Pass quest mission will bring you a damascus blade, so the end of your suffering is near :slight_smile:


You’re in luck! Damascus blade will be in your inventory this week.


Since I started playing on oct 18, I’ve got 8 Dblade in total but only 3 tome of tactic.
The Dblade sources are from mystic vision, rare quest or titan loot.
I badly need a TOT.

D blades are plentiful, the problems is 5* heroes are rare


I’m in need of around 10 - 15 compasses. I am stuck and can not ascend any card that I am currently building. HELP! Does anyone know where to get a compass on this game? This ascension item has to be the hardest item to get. I’ve been trying for about 2 months to find just one of the many that I need

Don’t forget to do the Mystic Vision. I have had problems getting these as well (although not nearly as bad as you are). Here is a reward I got from a Mystic Vision a couple of months ago. image|231x500

Getting compasses is much easier than D Blades. They are a 3* AM, so their drop rate is much better. Some sure shot ways are completing the alternating Farholme Pass rare quests atleast till 2nd last tier. And also, almost every Challenge events have compass as the Epic tier completion reward. And, ofcourse get your daily dose of titans, chests and mystic visions. :slight_smile:

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What you’re not hearing is the that you’re getting shitty roll % on the titans. You aren’t getting the 3 rolls that get maxed at higher level titans. They just don’t want to tell you about it. @Garanwyn

@FroggyRay what Keyz is saying is that killing bigger titans and getting good grades while doing it gets you more AM rolls (but not necessarily higher 4* AM percentage per roll–we don’t have enough data to say for certain one way or the other).

For clarity, you go from 2 AM rolls to 3 at loot tier 9. And from 3 AM rolls to 4 at loot tier 14.

@Keyz It seems highly unlikely that the roster he’s describing is handling loot tier 9+ regularly, so I scaled the numbers to the probable situation. But even going after bigger titans doesn’t fix the risk of going a long time without a D blade.

I’m also assuming that “kill every titan” is a bit of poetic license on OP’s part, since unless you’re chaining 12*s, you will have to pass on titans periodically. We do pretty well in Crew-Saders, we’re always right around the top 100 (currently 97), but we take a pass titan every so often. These days, when we pass though, we still get a 12* the next titan.

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Dblades are plentiful, 5* heroes are plentiful, it’s the ■■■■ tomes that are hidden under rocks! I have never had more than 3 at one time…

The only thing we all truly have in abundance is randomness, and low probabilities :slightly_smiling_face:


Small Giant please fix Damascus Blade and Tome of Tactics problem for us players that have 50+ heroes on bench waiting to be ascended and for all the community that are in need and can’t get these items. I understand that you are holding us back so we start paying 300 gems per alchemy lab to craft them but it’s getting boring and monotonous. Slowing down my game here and losing interest slowly. I’m thinking to cut off all the $$ unless you can offer me a Damascus in loot for a change or for sale…Always everything about $$$… Thanks


I’m done.
Today is 6 mounth! that I have no any damascus from any kind of loot(titans, chests, war etc). Playing for 20 mounthes in total.
All damascus I got for this 6 mounthes were from quests, finishing of Atlantis and buying.
I have ascention items for 7x5* heroes and no damascus.
Will not buy any more. It is rediculous.

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@Harvey That certainly seems like a possible outcome, especially if you’re fighting relatively weak titans. It’s consistent with the analysis I did upthread. Is there a particular reason you replied to my post?

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