Damage % understanding the percentages

Skadi does 220% damage and the damage is increased by 50% per each dead enemy now what does this really mean is the damage increased to 270% or is it raised like most things in the real world to 330%

What do you mean by this?

MMO math

220% + ( 50% x dead )

Welcome to MMO math are +100% can mean

220% + 100% = 320% ( Special skill )

220% + 100% = 440% ( normal damage / tile damage / matching damage )

220% + 100% = X * 2 ( normal damage / tile damage / matching damage with a critical hit or strong damage )

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I don’t know what E&P is talking about with their percentages. I also have Hannah her damage percentage is 220% her fiends do 43% attack now Hannah fiends do 40- 45 damage each turn so I’m guessing her fiends are doing 43% where she does 220% but like I said I don’t know what E&P means when they give you a percentage

Shouldn’t there be 320?

Yes like this. Next dead enemy 320 and so on…


Hopefully this helps. It’s not light reading.

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