Damage reduction : -25% Atk or +25% defense?

Hello there ! ( General kenobi )

So I was wondering regarding events like cornelia’s, since we have a little amount of stuff that we can bring in battle I wanted to know, which one between Turtle banner and Meteor is the best Item for defense ? Is it better to reduce their attack or to increase my defense ? all that given the fact that if you suggest that I avoid any buff regarding Finley’s skill I already have Boldstuck and Wu-kong applying a buff so that would already be it… Has any of you looked at the stats and know which one is better ?

Since it is non linear I expect that for an overall of non defensive heroes in my team attack debuff would be better if the bosses have a pretty good amount of attack stat but I know that defensive debuff for instance is a much better choice than attack buff in any situation, so, if we do it the other way around what would it be ?

Thanks yall

Against Finley, hold your Turtle banner for after he fires his skill, so you overwrite the negative defense ailment.

In general, it’s usually better to increase your defense to protect yourself from attacks. The regular slash attacks from enemies is multiplied by 100, so they overall deal more damage when they attack you.

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