Damage query - Sonya Vs Sartanta in raid

Ridiculously unbalanced damage.Sonya takes a hit from Gravemaker, Sartana and Leonidas one right after the other, gets healed and takes out fully healthy Sartana in one shot.THAT is absurd

Medic! MEDIC! … WE NEED A MEDIC! Oh, sorry, I meant a moderator.

But OT: Why are you writing your post in the title, what discussion from ‘Read this before posting’ are you referring to and under what circumstances did the things you encounter happen? Like: Health of all heroes involved, their level/ascension, special effects in play.

You can’t just make a general statement like that and expect anyone to be able to give some meaningful response. I know of no ridiculous imbalance of the heroes you refer to, so… You have to supply more background, more details.


Hi @klawfinger101

Please keep your post titles concise and cross-linked threads relevant.

That does sound like a strange set of circumstances. Did the enemy have any buffs or was Santana affected by anything?

If Sartanta had taken a hit to her defence and Sonya was buffed by Wu Kong or similar, it would result in a massive amount of damage.

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