Damage over time isn't correct

As you see from the pictures… It’s supposed to do 72 damage but it’s only doing 12.

It’s supposed to do 72 damage over 6 turns as said.

12 damage × 6 turns = 72 damage.

12 damage will tick for every turn for 6 turns.


Cool. I’ve been thinking about damage over time but I don’t have heroes that does that in my main team so I don’t get lots of data. I was about to answer that the reason for the damage being lower than stated is that you have to consider the defence of the hero being hit.

Your explanation makes sense and I think the cards description is closer to your version even though I wouldn’t been surprised if it actually mean damage per turn over 6 turn and was just badly written.

If the damage is added without regards to the opposin heroes defence then that makes the special a least a little more interesting than I previously thought. Ive never seen anything positive about postponing damage that could be done instantly giving the opponent more time to hit back or heal.


It works as intended and stated. 72 damage over 6 turns. So 12 damage per turn for 6 turns totals 72. Neither Defense/attack stats or bonus/penalty effects on either heroes affects the amount of damage done. But it can be removed by Rigard or Vivica.

If it was per turn Azlar would be sick, maxed he does 336 damage over 6 turns, that would kill any team in 6 turns if it was per turn :slight_smile:

I created a topic earlier, that addresses the fact that there is some serious rewrites needed for explanations on these characters. Apparently, I seem to be in the minority of people who think that it needs to be done, even though, there is absolutely no reason not to make them as explanatory and correct as possible. It removes any type of confusion.

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Hi everyone. My alliance and myself even recognized that the average damage in titan fights generally decreased. About 3 weeks ago i easily caused 20k damage and now with a much stronger team I am lucky to cause 15k damage. As all other members of my alliance got same problem i reported it…

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I thought it was just me.

Nermind, I see you did start a new post

Players discussing the changes to v1.9 Noted a decreased damage “curve” across the board.

I’ll look for the thread and post it here if I find.

EDIT - Here:

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It means 72 / 6 is 12

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