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I did a search for damage and damage charts but found nothing. Is there a thread or an off site file that has all the heroes, or at least the 4 and 5* that shows their stats at 4.80 plus the RAW damage. I am looking for just the raw damage of attack x dmg% (ex. 710 x 210%). I found it interesting that Kadilen does more damage than Zimkitha and Mitsuko does more than Evelyn. Not that the damage is the only thing to consider but I would like to see the stats. Hopefully the event and HOTM are there as well. If not I guess it could be made pretty fast though getting the stats would be the hard part.


The best thread about how damage works is the seminal Damage Calculation but I don’t think it has a list like you’ve mentioned.

@Razor have you got anything like this?

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I haven’t seen a list…maybe it’s possible to make one out of the New! All Updated Hero Rosters?

There is an app in the PLAY store that does domething with the heroes but I am not sure what as I haven’t downloaded it. I don’t know if it is on iOS but it might have info too. It basically just needs some brute force to pull the values from each card and put them in a SS and let it do the work. I just don’t have the time to go through and get all the attack values and then go through to find out the attack damage as well. It would only be for a limited number of heroes since all don’t damage and the DOT type isn’t what I am looking for. I just want the top level raw damage like I posted. I know there must be something or someone out there that has this info or at least has the attack stats. If they were already in a SS it would just be a matter of adding the attack value % and just multiply the cells. I will try to look after I finish the Morlovia event on advanced. GOing to start with that one since I didn’t beat it last year. Should be more than able to this year. May try to repeat it once done with a minimal team like I saw people do at Christmas. They were going with 3k TP to try to beat last stages etc. I hope I can beat that as well. MN was very hard last year in those last stages but I didn’t have any 5* either yet.

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The app in the Play store just lets you create teams out of all the available heroes in the game, all maxed, so you can dream about what kind of team you will never have :rofl:


I believe @DaveCozy has a table of this.

Cozy, can you help us out?

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I have a table of AoE heroes only. I’ll publish it on #player-guides if you just give me a sec. :slight_smile:

Haven’t collected the data for snipers / hit-3 heroes though.

EDIT: done :slight_smile: @Obsidian you can check this thread for the heroes that hit all enemies (before buffs, troops, etc): Direct Raw Damage - Hit all Enemies


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