Damage not being taken off

Twice I noticed in my last raid fight damage wasnt taken off in proper amounts . Hit nieth with to specials one for 800 damage one for 750 damage approx and only 700 damage came off. I then hit another hero for two bricks 145 each and only 20 damage total came off .

Interesting. There have been times when I didn’t see a health bar move as much as I hoped, but hadn’t taken notice of pre-hit HP, damage reported, and post-hit HP. You’re going to need a video to share to get any action on this - not because of doubt, but it will be key to understanding the possible error based on heroes and activated specials. Hopefully it’s just a one-time glitch. I was very successful in my last 8 raids (including 5 tourney raids) to quickly fill a hero chest, so everything seemed okay :wink: then.

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