Damage decreased


Hi everyone. Since a few weeks my alliance members and myself recognized that the damage on the titan decreases. As everyone updated heros and troops, the average damage should increase! How can this happen?


I had the same impression.
Not sure just bad luck or something nerf. (even using only athena)


Personally, my titan damage has increased over the last week or two on same power titans. Part is wu kong, but some are w/o wu


Don’t forget they tweaked high level stacking with 1.9


Battle mechanics and hero powers are regularly tweaked when the game is updated. It’s a feature, not a bug.


I had the impression the titans had become tougher. But later I realized with picking up a few strong new members our daily titans have 8 stars instead of 7. If you’re as sleepdeprived as I am, maybe that is the case for you too? :rofl:


Talisax is correct.

Interestingly they appear to have done this by tweaking the entire defense stat curve (Note 1). Which lowers the damage from debuffers (Grimm, Tiburtus, Athena, etc) but also lowers the damage for all heroes except damage over time. The debuff damage is lowered more, but most normal damage is also lowered.

This does makes damage over time more valuable (Colen) and blindness more valuable (Hu Tao)

Note 1)
This can be seen using a Trainer Hero’s special skill versus the Highland Yeti boss at 8-7. Damage has dropped since the tweak. If I had to guess, I would say they made the curve shallower, with a slower rise.

Damage over time isn't correct
Advanced Level Event is waaaaaaay harder than last time - UPDATE: Apology to the Devs