Damage Calulation Stones and Buffs

So teams are
Kirill, Frida, Grimm, Sonya, Miki - friend
Kirill, Frida, Grimm, Magni, Wu Kong - yours

Let’s see.
Your friend default attack is 656+770+716+607+712=3461
Your default attack is 656+770+716+793=2935

Buffed, that’ll be:
Your friend 3461x2.6=8999
Your attack is 2935x1.3x2.85=10874

So, you should hit harder. Need to see the actual attack values in the battle after all buffs. Please make a picture of each hero in the battle (not necessarily the titan, just any PVE battle with all buffs active), and ask so your friend to do same. I assume, buff is somehow calculated differently. Then we can investigate further.

As @zephyr1 corrected, your buff is 3.15, so we have
Your friend 3461x2.6=8999
Your attack is 2935x3.15=9245

Still, bigger, but not by much, definetily need to see actual values from battle.

We’d need to consider Troops, Emblems, and hero levels too.

Where are you coming up with 260% and 285% attack buffs?

What’s why I wrote “default attack” and asked for screens from actual battle

Wu kong description clearly reads “All allies get +185% attack…”. That mean attack got a buff of 185%, or is multiplied by 2.85. Kiril is only +30%, so, multiplier is 1.3. Miki description reads “All allies get +130% normal attack… Stacks with simlar status effects up to a maximum of +170% normal attack.” So, with Kirill, that’s +160%, i. e. 2.6 multiplier. Am I really that bad in math and percentages?

No, I’m just dumb and misread it. :man_facepalming:

But one thing you do need to adjust is that the Attack buffs are additive, not multiplicative with each other.

Here’s an example of Kiril plus Wu together:

1866 / 868 = 2.15

So for Kiril plus Wu, it’s a 215% buff, not 130% x 185%.

If it were multiplicative, like you had it, it’d be 868 x 1.3 x 2.85 = 3216, instead of the 2734 observed

So the multiplier should be 3.15 instead of 1.3x2.85.

So this should be 2935 x 3.15 = 9245


We also need to double check whether they both had Grimm active, or both didn’t.

The OP only mentioned Frida:

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So Sorry for the delay,

I am talking about both of us have Grimm, Frida, Miki/Wu and Kirli active.

For him unbuffed he has 3416 power.
i have 2834 power.

To his 3416 is Miki 2,3 and Kiril 1,3: 3416*(2,3+1,3) = 12298
Me 2834 Wu 2,85 and Kiril 1,3: 2834*(2,85+1,3) = 11761

Or am i wrong here? Due to troops are nearly unlveled i think they will not make a big difference the difference comes from another thing.

So my friend get buffed 160% everything more is riddiculus due Miki is capped to 160%
Is there a cap for buffs in total?

I really cannot understand that due to the same titan with same nervs its impossible that those 540 net power makes a difference of 1300 dmg…

I am not sure how is the role of his mono blue team to mine 4+1 - or if its really only for the dmg calculation.
If not i cant understand why 215% buffed stones are weaker than 160% buffed stones…

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Are you talking about the sum of Attack, or Team Power? TP isn’t relevant, so I want to make sure.

Troops can make a huge difference.

We need to know the exact Troop on each specific Hero.

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Wanna chime in?


Talking about Attack :slight_smile:

I have:
Kiril/4* Lvl 1 Crit
Frida/3* Lvl 3 Crit
Sonya/3* Lvl 3 Crit
Magni/4* Lvl 13 Crit
Wu/4* Lvl 12 Crit

Kiril/4* Lvl 12 Crit
Frida/4* Lvl 7 Mana
Grimm/4* Lvl 6 Mana
Miki/4* Lvl 1 Mana
Sonya/3* Lvl 1 Crit

Thats it!

Great, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, can you find out what the percentage Attack buff is for each Troop, so we don’t have to look them up?

Also, are all of the Heroes maxed? And do any have Emblems on them? We need to make sure we know the specific Attack stat for each Hero too.

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As @zephyr1 pointed out, it would be easy to do the calculations if you can provide us the exact attacks stats of the two teams. An easy way of doing this would be to use the two titan teams on any easy farming level (may be Season 1 Province 5 Stage 6) and hold down on each hero in beginning and give us the exact value of the attack stat of each hero, that way we won’t have to look up 10 heroes and 10 troops to find them. :slight_smile:


Also Miki can go to +170%, not sure this stacks with Kiril, but still higher than 160%.

Are you positive about that setup? 'Cause your first message was describing a different setup and this one has clear advantage to your friend’s side. Namely, Grimm. As a matter of fact, his debuff stacks with Frida debuff, and that’s really huge stuff. I’m gonna make exact calculations little later, but that’s it for now.

UPD: Done exact calculations. Big thanks to @Razor for info about troops. Not sure about the debuff, but still. Should be 3600dmg vs 6600 dmg, so even bigger than you observed.

Exact calculations
Hero kirill frida sonya magni wu kirill frida grimm miki sonya
Troop 4c1 3c3 3c3 4c13 4c12 4c12 4m7 4m6 4m1 3c1
Troop percentage 13 14 14 16 16 19 19 17 13
Base attack 656 733 607 793 656 733 716 712 607
Attack with troops 741 835 691 919 760 872 852 833 685
Attack with troops and buff 2334 2630 2176 2894 1976 2267 2215 2165 1781
Attack sum 10034 10404
Target base def 675 675
Target def debuffed after frida 310 310
Tile damage 3607 3787
Target def debuffed after frida and grimm 310 204
Tile damage 3607 6663

Amazing Calculation Thanks for that.

I can follow everything you did up very well but not the last step.
From where do you have those 675 Def of the target?

And another question does in this game kind of a theorycraft tool exists where i can play aroud with heroes and troops.
Where i can choose a hero give him level as i want and see his stats and same for the troops?

For example, my horghall how will be his stats at 2/55 and 3/58 and 4/70 and so on?

Thank you

Just cross quoting this for reference, because I’m sure I’m going to be looking for one of these threads again at some point:

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His friend may be hitting the attack soft cap — that would explain why the damage for the one team is as expected, and the other is lower.

@ThePirateKing @Gryphonknight as far as I know, we collectively know that an attack soft cap exists, but don’t have a formula that incorporates it into the damage calculation, due to a lack of knowledge of exactly how it works. Do you know otherwise?

I know @Garanwyn was onto a solution for it when he dropped out of the game, but he didn’t finalize and publish it before he went on hiatus.

Also linking this for cross reference: [Research] Does Color Stacking have a soft cap? or Attack stat research


Just eyeballing

Wu Kong is yellow so +0 to blue tiles

4,900 x0.8= 3,920

plus or minus some attack stat since you gave us very little data.


I have never been able to determine the exact measure of the soft cap. A lot of data is required for that, especially since we are not sure about the defense stat of the titans. In the post above the titan defense value for a 10 star titan has been assumed to be 675, which is an underestimated value imho. Usually, from my experience the defense value of a 10* titan should be somewhere around 800-900, so that might change the values a little bit.

But as @Gryphonknight pointed out, the difference in the OP’s case most likely can be attributed to the fact that he had 4 blue heroes as compared to his friends, which is the main source of the difference in tile damage.


The 675 is just the number I’ve get by trial and error, to get your tile damage to 3600.
Probably wrong, as @ThePirateKing indicated. Also, as of now, I realize, that you should be hitting red titan, otherwise why a blue stack. So, damage is doubled. I’ve done some recalc, based on that, assumption of 900 defense and putting a θ (random coefficient). Definitely, some kind of cap is active, because mean values are kinda higher, that you observed

Hero kirill frida sonya magni wu kirill frida grimm miki sonya
Troop 4c1 3c3 3c3 4c13 4c12 4c12 4m7 4m6 4m1 3c1
Troop percentage 13 14 14 16 16 19 19 17 13
Base attack 656 733 607 793 656 733 716 712 607
Attack with troops 741 835 691 919 760 872 852 833 685
Attack with troops and buff 2334 2630 2176 2894 1976 2267 2215 2165 1781
Attack sum 10034 10404
Target base def 900 900
Target def debuffed after frida 414 414
Tile damage 2440 2563
Target def debuffed after frida and grimm 414 273
Tile damage low θ=0.6065 1255 2312
Tile damage high θ=1.6487 4842 8921
Doubled (vs a red titan) 2510 4624
9684 17842

As for a play tool - I don’t think there is such a thing. There are cards of 3.60 of 4* and 3.70 of 5*, but not exact stats on each lvl.


Thanks for that, i will upload 2 videos of us when we get the next red titan :slight_smile:


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