Damage calculation+

Alli mate of mine wants to exactly calculate damage. Damage Calculation isn’t going deep enough. He mentions there was a topic that went further and had specials and troops calculated within.

Anyone who knows where to find the information?

The link in your post is the authority on damage calculation. As far as I know, it applies to both tiles and to specials. Troops simply augment the stats of the respective heros that are used for the calculations.

It’s all in there. It’s just a little hard to interpret. That formula is the specials formula. Divide by 3 for tile damage. I believe the correct way to read it is:

Attack = Base Attack * (Troop Attack % + Attack Buff % + Special % + 120% defender boost on tiles if applicable)

Defense = Base Defense * (Troop Defense % + Defense Buff % + 120% defender boost if applicanle)

It is unclear how color buffing/debuffing works though. The 2x strong color boost for tiles and 0.5x weak color loss for tiles is multiplied after the exponential. So color buff/debuff may happen there too. Some research is probably required.

Looks good. Tarlak has base attack 824 * 1.22 (22% bonus from troops) = 1005 (truncated), 10% family bonus is added to it (+100):

Zim’s 25% attack bonus is also calculated from base attack, so 1005 * 0.25 = 251 (+100 family bonus = 351):

And Tarlak’s normal damage boost is also calculated from his base attack, so 1005 * 1 = 1005 (+100 family bonus, +251 Zim’s bonus = 1356):

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