Damage Calculation


This is a beautiful work Lutrinae, personally I didn’t want to go into much detail because there are many exceptions with all the effects of special skills (some are powerful and without weaknesses, buffs can be cumulated if they are slightly different…).
The only (possible) error is that identified by Kerridoc: It seems that critics cancel the weakness.
Moreover, the bonus of 20% for the AI certainly concerns only the PvP fights (but we have no way to check it because the stats are only accessible in PvP …).
Finally, if you’re looking for detail for θ, the best approach I’ve found is:
θ = exp (χ)
And χ follows a Gaussian law centered at 0 with a variance of 1.07%, so in 68% of cases -10% <χ <10% -> 0.90 <θ <1.11.
But this is only a statistical approach!


Is there an error in the defense value? should it be 20% more, right?
In which case does this % def. increase apply? In the prevoius example it was not cnsidered^^ Thanks :slight_smile:


@Oracle83, this bonus applies to AI defense for each player attack (but apparently only for PvP).
The bonus is well applied in the calculation examples (post # 13), the defense of the AI is increased by 20% from the start (Def x 120%)


Right…I didn’t consider that…my fault :frowning:
What does AI stand for?


Artificial Intelligence, in this case it refers to the algorithm that controls the defending team


@SolemnWolf I’ve been meaning to comment for a long time. This is a beautiful piece of work and must have taken a long time to compile the data.

I have one question. I usually fight 11-12* titans and I moved down to merc on a 6* rare titan. I brought a lot of heavy hitters and I am sure that I had at least three times the summed attack power of some of the other people in the alliance. However, I only got hits of 30-40K even though my 11* titan hits were a lot higher than that, up to close to 100K. Several other mercs tried and were frustrated as well with their low scores.

I was wondering if there are cases in which the curve flattens instead of continues exponentially, maybe beyond the values you have in your graph? I am asking because long ago, SG was talking about limiting the damage of Wu Kong plus attack buffers. After a long argument things were kept the same, but we never know what has happened since then. I wish I had data but I didn’t see your post until long after this incident.



I think it may be due to the fact that titans defense saturates early (or at least it grows slowly), and their increasing difficulty is due more to increasing attack and hp (I’m speculating here, no real data, anyone has estimated titans stats?)
But I think that an easy way to verify that the damage formula holds for very high attack/defense ratios is playing some early provinces’ stages. Ideally with Wilbur one can reduce the enemy defense without killing them (maybe keep only one mob alive so damage sharing doesn’t apply), then buff attack, fire wu and see what happens when you drop a tile brick over the mob’s head


Do we need count

DefenseSum = (Defense Stat of target * Defense Troop buffs) * EnemyBonus * Buffs


Is this topic alive?
Just checked numbers from 1 battle. θ was always possitive.


i have one problem with damage scaling for just one color/element. Can anyone explain how one element only does 1 damage per tile? i asked support and they didnt help me. This really kills the game for me cause green is pointless in battle if you only do 1 damage per tile and the bad thing is thats with and without hero in lineup.


1 damage /tile occours when you hit a foe with a tile while not having fielded a hero of said color.


my problem is with hero and without still the same damage no matter what even if i have more then one in lineup of green


Do you have a screen shot of this issue? It sounds odd, or I’m not understanding you.


i can try to get one but its hard to time it to show the damage in battle


Sorry not sure if it’s mentioned in any other comments, but if you power 0.606 and 1.649 by 1.3, you get a variance 0.52 - 1.92. For such massive range, even if you multiply this “random parameter” by anything - even random generated numbers would get good results.

I actually believe it is more likely subtraction rather than division of defense numbers. But we definitely need to get variance in regions of 0.91 - 1.1 before we can say what it actually is.


How do you know that? This information is hidden in the game. Or not?


Research and calculation I would assume.
Should be relatively easy to work the formula the other way to find out titans stats(I think it’s safe to assume that titans use the same damage formula).


There is this thread that has titan hit points (note it all could have changed by now) but nothing about defense.


In raids, does the defense get an attack bonus ? For instance an opponent’s GM dot with a lvl13 mana troop ticks for 216 damage. No buff at all. Mine ticks at 180ich with a lvl15 mana troop.

Didn’t read the whole threat but what about the crit troop bonus when stacking colors. How is it computed amongst the other heroes of the same color who don’t have a crit troop ? What if they all have a crit troop, does the crit bonus stack ?


Yes. It’s always been like that. Defense attacks and specials have 20% increase