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I don’t understand much for a newcomer like me. Can anyone list some heroes who have big tile damages please?
Higher attack stat is always better?

Top 5 Attack *4 heroes:
771 - Ameonna
767 - Scarlett
765 - Guardian Jackal
756 - Sir Lancelot
743 - Jack O’Harre

Top 5 Attack *5 heroes:
824 - Tarlak
821 - Margaret
813 - Inari
809 - Elena
805 - Lady Locke

Stat list:


can anyone explain how does this buffed seshat hit lie xiu for 276, 1 tile hit out of 3, there is either some stupid dmg cap or lie xiu is the most powerful tank in the game

Can say much without knowing the defense value of this particular Li Xiu, but you mean only 1 tile have hit her for this damage? If so, I think it is an expected amount of damage as a full hit (3 tiles) would do over 800 damage.

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So you are saying that attack is based per 3 tiles, not each tile individualy? Otherwise if its per tile it would mean she negated over 90% dmg against her weak color, even maxed out li xiu with all talents couldnt do that which in sure this one wasn’t because I’ve never seen 20 talents on any 4* enemy so far

Yup, acording to the formula and tests “Tile damage is divided by three”.

Gadeirus (enemy of S2:26-8):

  • Slash Attack (supposed to be 100%):
    770 damage

  • Skill Attack (125% to target and minor damage to nearby enemies):
    180 - 360 - 180 damage

That is just one example… There are a lot of times where it seems enemies’s slash damage are bigger than their skill damage.

Could someone help me understand what ^ 1.35 means? add or divide? I don’t understand, sorry my English. Thanks


So 2^3 is number 2 raised to the 3rd power or ( 2* 2* 2 ) equals 8.

Common computer code math. Math is hard to display in text.

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@yelnats_24 I’ve looked into this and I think slash attacks from campaign enemies with special skill bars are actually closer to 200% attacks.

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How exactly a number could be multiplied with itself by 1,35 times? Sorry, 30 years passed since I was learning math. What are the exact operations? And there is a modality to do this operation with the calculator in android?



Most advanced calculators will do X^Y. Just plug in any number for X and Y.


It means to the ‘power of’, so 2 squared is expressed as 2^2 and equals 4, so 2 to the power of 1.35 is expressed as 2^1.35 and equals 2.549 (use the the button on your Calculator Xn and enter the value).


Great work @SolemnWolf !
Thanks for all the effort and this very usefull information

I have a question about crit. During raid I mostly use 3-1-1 like H1 H2 H3 Y1 Z1. While H1 and H2 use mana troop, H3 use crit troop and I notice the title damage is X, X and 2X.
I suppose the crit damage should be applied to H3 only which should end up as X+a, not 2X.
That means to me that the crit chance is applied to the whole output rather than single hero (which is weird imo).
Anyone notice similar thing?

If it is true, using mono green with Gregorian activated means 100% crit chance?

Well, simply put, the attack stat for each H hero coloured tile is always the same and is given by say A = (H1 x HT1attack + H2 x HT2attack + H3 x HT3attack). Now when matching the tile, one of the troops (HT1, HT2 or HT3) is chosen as the representative troop and if it happens to be a crit troop, then there is a chance for double damage. Hope this makes sense.

With Gregorian activated, no matter what troop is chosen there is a chance for critical damage (even with mana troops). Other times, only crit troops have a chance of producing double damage. So it’s not 100% chance, but definitely more chance than without his special being activated.

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Could you help me with this damage? Sorry my language is Portuguese

Calculated damage: 100*(Atk/Def)^1,35
Atk 992x400% (Special skill) = 3968
Def 825x120% (Defense bonus?) = 990
100*(3968/990)^1,35 = 651

Actual damage: 672


Perfect, so I was doing right, thinking the damage was out of the actual value. Thank you very much for your attention.

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Att +30% = Damage +42.5%
Def -30% = Damage +60%
Att +30% & Def -30% = Damage +131%
Att +30% & Def -30% & Wu Kong = Damage +662% !!!

Can you tell me how to solve this question? in the case of Isarnia -44%. How to do the math to find out?

BT + 48% att How to do the math to find out?

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