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@KillKing050 Thanks, that was translated almost 200 posts ago. :wink:

@ahriman512 The damage calculation is found in the very first post:

ty Rook, but i was looking for a excel sheet that’i’ve seen somewhere. You can put in attack stats+buffs and the defense stats+buff and it calculate the range of damage you can expect.

hmmm! Anyone, anyone?

here it is: Just how bad is Elkanen?

i thought you were talking about Red Python’s:

Analyse Heroes ala RedPython

He includes a dmg calculation on his sheet also.


Here is the link to my spreadsheet:

But I’m quite sure there are few things that could use some polishing :wink:


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AHgpIOLLIa13, are you still here? Your answer is very interesting, I would like to discuss it more deeply.

Hey guys,

in this discussion are piling up arguments, that the original formula: 100 * TileD * ((θ * AttackSum / DefenseSum) ^ 1.35) * ( ColorBonus + Crit) is not working any more.

It becomes clear that HIGH expected damages according to this formula are in fact lower. Sometimes much lower.

  1. Zack’s measurements and graphs
  1. yelanta’s measurement regarding ramming pulverizer (it is only 45% increase and not 75% as expected based on the formula)
  1. Willbur – Falcon stack is around 2x not 6x as would be expected
  1. Boldusk’s buff is increasing Caedmon special only from 450 to 550.

So it becomes important issue to find the correct up-to-date formula, right?

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I found 3 formulas in this discussion:

A) Original formula – not working for extreme values

100 * TileD * ((θ * AttackSum / DefenseSum) ^ 1.35) * ( ColorBonus + Crit)

B) Formula with different attack buff computation:

((Attack Stat)/(Defense Stat))^1.35 * (special % + Attack Buff %)^1.3

C) Interesting alternative formula without exponent that might explain a lot:

if attack > defense then

dmg=25 * attack/defense + (attack-defense)/25


dmg=25 * attack/defense

I became a bit confused of all the partial theories.

Does anybody have whole new formula that explains all the observations posted here?

Most MMO use an attack stat soft cap.

This gives you three different formulas.

Formula below soft cap.

Formula for determining soft cap ( it usually is based on an enemy stat like rarity, Defense stat or both ).

Formula for above soft cap.

We know the formula was changed due to Falcon.

I suspect at least the Formula for determining soft cap was adjusted, but possibly all three were adjusted at the time.

Empires is very difficult to test damage formulas.


OK, thank you. I got it.

It is important topic for titans. With the soft cap, who is better? Tarlak, Ranvir, Will?
And most importantly, what is the best combination of buffers / debufers? Tarlak - Will - Falcon? Is it worth? And so on. Any insight on that?

I don’t know if and how soft cap applies on tile damage against titans, but from my experience it’s worth to use both regular and elemental defense debuffer and an attack buffer. My blue team does ridiculous damage against 11-12* titans regularly, over 100k and much more. I use Kiril, Frida, Sarni, Alasie and Tarlak.

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  1. Boldusk’s buff is increasing Caedmon special only from 450 to 550.

I think 550 was a luckier than usual shot, I usually get around 513 damage from 450.
The formula that probably applies is : (345% (Caedmon’s spec ) + 48% (Boldtusk’s buff)) / 345% (spec without buff) = 1.14
So with Boldtusk you’d get 450 x 1.14 = 513
On average it works for me for other buffers and spec strengths, like Li Xiu, Wu Kong, Kiril, Seshat and so on. The accent is on “On average”

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Was it ever?
Do you really think ColorBonus and Crit is multiplied AFTER exponentialfunction?
Do you really think defenders in PVP get 20%bonus-defence?
Do you really think, in contrast to defence-bonus that damage goes exponential once attack is superior at all?

I think ColorBonus and Crit dont do double final damage but add up 100% of regular attack (without any multiplicator) as damage.
I dont think that defenders get 20% defence-boost, it does not show up anywhere either.
I dont think that there is any exponential involved at all and that the exponential-looking function is just like that because of the attack/defence-division.

What about that without defence-bonus:
100 * TileD * (( θ * AttackValue + Colorbonus + Critbonus / DefenseSum ) = Damage

When you add up the Bonuses before the dvision through the defensesum, the damage goes exponential by default without an exponential factorwhen the attackgoessuperiour.

Try it, I may be wrong.


100 * TileD * ( θ * ( AttackValue + Colorbonus + Critbonus ) / DefenseSum ) = Damage

I don’t understand much for a newcomer like me. Can anyone list some heroes who have big tile damages please?
Higher attack stat is always better?

Top 5 Attack *4 heroes:
771 - Ameonna
767 - Scarlett
765 - Guardian Jackal
756 - Sir Lancelot
743 - Jack O’Harre

Top 5 Attack *5 heroes:
824 - Tarlak
821 - Margaret
813 - Inari
809 - Elena
805 - Lady Locke

Stat list:


can anyone explain how does this buffed seshat hit lie xiu for 276, 1 tile hit out of 3, there is either some stupid dmg cap or lie xiu is the most powerful tank in the game

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