Damage calculation possible error

I was on 8.7 farming, tried Skittleskull out at level 1.1 and at the last wave with the 2 green bosses both with 1075 hp, i already had my special for all hero’s so no tiles were used. I used SS special and it should be 150% damage to all enemies. One dropped to 913 the other to 902. This was 2nd time i tried it and got different numbers not only each passthrough but on each monster. Since they’re both 1075, and i came in no tiles used hit with SS special, shouldn’t it have been same both times for both monsters?

Its only a small number since its only 150% on weak enemy but later that could be different and keep enemy alive that should die.

As an aside i have better hero’s thsn Ss but when i get new one i like to try out that’s why ib was using it but it did let me see a difference. Anyone have explanation for this? I may try with other hero’s that do same damage to all enemies and go in special loaded, no tiles to see if same hp enemies get same damage.

I can’t figure ac reason as they’re no tiles, hp is same for both on boss 8.7 at 1075 and hero says he does same damage to all enemies. I posted here to get info before i brought up a bug if it’s not.


Were you using crit troops? That could possibly explain it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly with so many random elements to this game, damage amounts have a random range variant to them too.

The quintessential post on this is here:

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You should undelete that, it’s amusing lol.

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For some reason, Discourse didn’t show me you were already replying when I hit reply. A craftsperson is only as good as their tools…


Troops wouldn’t come into play since there was no tiles used i started the level with special loaded. No tiles at all from anywhere. Only SS special used. If it was tile damage that would make sense as i do use crit troops but on the special hitting the same hp enemy troops don’t matter as far as i know. Like i said 2x and 2x it happened with different numbers so 4 different numbers with none matching the other despite it saying 150% to all.

@zephyr1 Thanks for the reply. It is only a minor variance but enough that an enemy could stay alive to kill you. Im a quantum chemist so i could understand the math if they pub it but then that’s like giving the code away. I was going to try to back out a formula or rough one but its been done it looks like by post below and its just a minor thing i noticed. Not like it was 300 hp difference. But i have won and lost by only a few hp on occasion so it does matter just not a bug per se. Thanks for reply.

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You’re welcome!

Special skills are proportional to base stats with troop bonuses applied, so they actually do come into play still — but not the critical chance percentage, so that in particular isn’t relevant.

Given the small variation you’re seeing, I think it’s definitely just the random component to the formula, and you’re right, that can be the tiny difference between enemies being killed or not. And as you saw, there’s a flyaway to the damage when the defense stat is exceeded by the attack stat, so the way specials are stated as a percentage is somewhat misleading.

Off topic, but that sounds really cool. Keep an eye out for posts from @Garanwyn and @Gryphonknight, you might like to come geek out with them on various analyses of the game.

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