Damage calculation of Cobalt 3x Mana - SG, really?!

Was in a few 2v2 wars recently… my defense of cobalt, Frigg, garnet, Odin, and onyx got one shot more in each one then Seshat, Kingston, gm, lepus, musashi… it’s a small sample size and unsure what they attacked me with but I guess I’m just agreeing that yeah, it’s not an “auto win” team like folks suggest and can actually perform worse then standard old school Hotm defenses in cases. The biggest difference with BK tanking is that even with a good board, an accidental cascade into Frigg after BK goes down and she can wipe your whole team, thankfully garnet doesn’t create that type of situation.

Also of note, I think the Bera and freya defenses flanked by Frigg and Odin are more dangerous then the ninja defenses… just my opinion.


You need to starve Frigg and Odin of fuel. With a BK/ Garnet tank I am running a blue/ yellow stack with Norns. She starves Odin and makes Frigg vulnerable to blue and Odin vulnerable to yellow once you have taken tank out.

Sounds good. Especially considering that I have 2 unleveled Norns. Will give it a try thx.

Totally agree that SG should take away Cobalt special ability can bypass. Think about all those foods, irons, & emblems we’ve put into rangers class & max at 25% chances to bypass. Bypass should be reserve for rangers class with emblems only.

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For me, if she fires that much, it is already a bad board, or sometimes fat fingers moving a tile where it shouldnt be moved.

Last time i check, her status protect can be dispelled by Melendor and Sabina. Maybe i am wrong.

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She can fire that much against a green stack of course and that’s not necessarily a bad board just annoying cascades.

lol those two heroes are too squeeshy to survive an average/bad board and ninjas can also evades their debuff.

You forgot. She boosts allies HP, making them harder to kill.

Not much squishy if they are emblemed, and embleming them is far way cheaper than giving talents to legendaries. Besides, their family bonus of dodging is low, i would risk the dispel since it heals my heroes too

Nah. The family bonus of riposte is petty it doesnt kill a sniper at full health. Try sniping Boril while under his riposte and you’ll see what crazy “reflect” is all about. And i wouldnt call that reflect. For me, reflect best identifies the skills of Ursena and Mitsuko.

I did mentioned that:

Melandor is a bit less squishy when emblemed thanks to the costume bonus yes but not that much and still find him fragile.

Anyway ninjas have too much of everything for them not to be balanced in some ways.

SG will never nerf those paywall heroes. They try to make the players getting used to them when facing them ninjas in raids and wars. Right now, i dont fear them as much like it was a few months ago as i was able to adapt. I have learned a few things about them battling in raids.

Precedents shows that they care about balance even if those heroes are behind paywalls (e.g. Guin).

So unless you are working for SG, please refrain for making such unfounded statements.

No one says they are unbeatable. Of course they are. The point is they are not balanced either on their own (Cobalt) or together (OP family bonuses).

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LOL. I can’t remember any event hero that was nerfed except Guin. There are several HOTMs that were nerfed,. i.e. Athena, Zeline, etc. Recently, Telly and Vela. What precedent are you talking about?

The answer is in your response. They also made public statements in this respect.

Ps: I understand your frustration of being contradicted but I would be most grateful if you could refrain from personals attacks in the future. Thanks.

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Maybe you should read and understand the full sentences :

So in other word for your understanding: they are many precedents of balancing including hero behind paywalls. Balancing does not necessarily means nerfing it means readjusting a hero to a certain degree so that the gap of its value on the playfield would be more in line with the rest of the heroes available. Guin is an exemple of a downward readjustment but we could mentioned on the other hand Kong who was readjusted upward.

Moreover, despite what you says, HOTMs are also behing paywalls, a lesser one but still a paywall because you have to pull hard to have a reasonable chance to get them.The only heroes that have no paywalls are the ones available on the TC20.

Aren’t we off topic now?


This is where you lose me. Do you have any data to back up your claim re balance issues?

My data indicates that Finley is the stronger defender. And BK with the same two flanks is in most cases stronger than an Onyx / Garnet / Cobalt def. That doesn’t look unbalanced to me.

Since you mention a green stack, my mono green war team OS rate as an (extreme) example

  • 61% against BK
  • 79% against Garnet
  • 75% against Onyx / Garnet / Cobalt

(data for red tank war team; average defending TS 4737; small sample size of 19 Garnet / 36 BK tanks; team Tarlak / Evelyn / Frigg / Kingston / Zeline TS 4398)

This is what’s really OP about Ninjas IMHO. Yes its supposed to be 10% but it certainly feels like they dodge a lot more than that.

It’s very frustrating. With April +20 GTV Teams, if you get an awesome board you were certain to win. With these Ninjas its Dodge Dodge Dodge until that Cobalt in the corner fires and does over 1000 points of damage to each of your heroes, ending the attack.


The worst thing about ninjas is that normally you can’t reliably prevent/counter their family bonus.


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