Damage calculation of Cobalt 3x Mana - SG, really?!


I am sorry, but this topic is that important that I dont want to write it in the Ninja tower topic.

Whats going on here?
Why are the Ninja heroes, especially Cobalt (and Onyx) that OP?

I just calculated:
Cobalt+20 in defense team, lets say as a flank or corner
if he attacks x3 Mana (worst case) =>

  1. ANY of your buffs are worthless
  2. The damage is so unbelievable high, which is dealt to ALL of your heroes

Lets face it!
Cobalt+20, Attack 938!!!, Mana Troop max. +26%, 360% damage dealt with triple mana charge means 4254 Attack points!
That means, depending on the defending hero: [(Att/Def)^1,35] - no defense bonus because “we” are the attacker and get attacked from him.
Some examples:

Heimdall +20 gets 515 damage (max mana troop)
Drake Fong+20 gets 696 damage (max mana troop)
C-Joon+20 gets 785 damage (max mana troop)
Melendor 4/70 gets 1064-1500 damage (max mana troop - no troop)
Lianna with costume 4/70 gets 769 damage (max mana troop)

This high damage is with fully emblemed heroes.
Unemblemed heroes nearly die instantly.

ALSO - Cobalt is magician, that means if you have active buffs, he IGNORES it and has a chance to MAKE HIGHER DAMAGE due to it.

There was a picture posted where Cobalt did 1000-2000 damage to all heroes each (leveled and emblemed 5 stars but with many buffs)

What is going on here? This is in no relation to all other heroes.
Where is the sense to pull in any other portal than in ninja portal? Yeah, Valhalla heroes are nice, but related to the Ninjas?!

Even if you have more ninjas they even can dodge… so a totally OP hero gets even more power…

Community - what do you think about it?!

Best regards,


The ninja are absurd, next to the other available heroes. They’re unpredicatable, you can’t know when they’ll use their skill, they counterattack and dodge without using a special skill, the chance of riposting and dodging increases with the number of ninjas on the battlefield, at 3x their skills usually result in end game. They don’t belong here.


I agree with everything you point out, but in my opinion, he’s not that OP for the reason below:

In order for Cobalt to get to his 3rd tier, he’d be slower than Alfrike or he’s slower than “very slow”. Taking that into account, his devastating damage is reasonable for me. Unlike the 1st and 2nd tier of all the ninjas, you know they would go off once they’ve reached their 3rd tier (if they hadn’t done so earlier), reducing the unpredictability. That will give you time to prepare for counter with Taunt and/or Mitsuko’s reflect. I’m aware there are not too many options but same as facing Alfrike.


Sorry Mitsuko doesn’t work mate. Which just makes him all the more ridiculous

The thing that really offends me is that I pulled Jade, who is a big green bucket of poo.

I wouldn’t be too worried about the Ninjas. There are a few around but it’s not like Telluria screwing up the entire game

But guilty as charged, he is a game breaker


It is horrible. I just raided TP 4818, Finley, cKadilen, garnet, cobalt, onyx. Game was good looking, garnet and ckadilen dead, then onyx crippled my whole team with damages more than 1000. what is this???
They even dodge NORMAL attacks! How the hell you should beat them? Totally overpowered! Totally!!! Not even close!

One thing to Alfrike: she is just lovely. Punch her with Malosi your heroes are not braindead (no mindless attack) and one toot of heimdalls whistle everything is okay. But as long the ninjas are so devastating overpowered (yeah, you’ll see them only in top 100) raiding makes no fun there…


You mean Mitsuko’s reflect doesn’t work in terms of reflecting back? If that’s the case, then it’s just a bug they must fix soon 'cause the guy is blue.

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I have a nearly full emblemed Cobalt:

I always try to fire him after Kiril and Frida, what makes him really devastating. Unfortunately, I don’t have Miki. :frowning_face:

But, to be honest it needs you at least 13 blue tiles to make this happen and you couldn’t make it work on most raids.

Much more effective is to use him at the beginning of a raid when you are lucky to make 2x blue three tile combos. If you play 4-1 like I mostly did, the red tank that has been hit by three blue tiles is nearly dead and Cobalts first level is usually strong enough to take him out.


Oh well, S4 heroes gonna make Cobalt looks like a kitty sooooo… it’s all fine.


are they strong? yes. overpowered, no
the charge system is what makes them balanced

charge 3 too strong? it should as it worth 15 tiles (slower than very slow heros!)

take cobalt for example, charge 2 is equivalent to average speed hero. 325% to 3 targets is fine compared to other average 3 targets

i don’t agree they are op


Sorry, but this are fake news!

There is a own thread discussing this issue and he is not able to bypass a reflection!

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I don’t think ninjas are broken. C.kadilen’s special is better than all of theirs…mega dodge, minion and damage


You should check this post from SG.
Since V33, Cobalt with 3 charge will always bypass Mitsuko reflect


Mea maxima culpa!

I honestly closed this thread in mind when I read Gunvors explanation of reflection could just be bypassed when an additional def. buff is around.

Happy day for me, will now take a lot more raids against Mitsuko.

That blue ninja bypasses Mitsuko’s reflect like it wasn’t there. Finley rarely bypasses one or two when Mitsuko is active, but for Cobalt, rules don’t seem to aply. I’ve had this more than once.


… except c.Kadi needs to fire a special to dodge, while ninjas do it by default…


And it seems that ninjas dodges more attacks with the bonus, which is just 10% but it seems a 50%.


Boss Wolf and Guardian Owl need 13.5 titles to charge and their special skills are not even 0.1% close to Cobalt’s 15 titles…


Aren’t other average speed 3 targeters (not minor damage to nearby but full damage to nearby) only around 245-290%?

We are not talking about Richard/Thorne who only deal full damage to 1 main target and minor/half damage to the 2 nearby targets, we are comparing to the like of Glenda/Frida/Mitsuko who deal full damage to 3 targets.

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Sorry mate, at 3x charge he bypasses reflection. Might want to check your sources, this has been amended in a previous version release.

Mitsuko was my solution to blue corner hitters previously but Cobalt is another challenge entirely


His 3rd skill is 100% bypass reflect


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