Damage alert at top of raid?

During a raid I noticed a ‘note’ (for lack of a better word) at the top of the screen. It said:

Increased Damage
Turn: 34 Damage 130%

I’ve never seen this before. What does it mean?

This game seems to be a cross between learning a new language, being an engineer and becoming a mathematician!

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After so many turns the game starts setting you up to end the match quicker :slight_smile: It’s their version of a timer. A bonus is applied so things start hitting harder.


It is used to end a raid that may be stack, without no one being able to kill the opponent.

Thanks!! I think I need a degree in AstroPhysics to understand some of this game! :slight_smile:


It should also say Tiebreaker somewhere on screen. It happens if a fight takes too long. Everyone does increased damage and after a while a timer starts at 5min. If timer runs out, you lose. This is to prevent heavy healing teams from fighting indefinitely.

I did notice that this team had mostly healers. I thought it was an odd strategy. Now I get it. Although, if you can fight for 5 long minutes, I think the attacker should win. Maybe a suggestion for the developers.

So the attacker could just wait 5 minutes without attacking and win on timeout? Bad idea :slight_smile:

The damage increases 10% per turn, while healing done does not. So the team full of healers will get in trouble pretty fast when they can’t keep up with the increasing damage.

I have seen the tiebreaker a few times, never run out of time except once when I got interrupted mid-fight and when I got back it showed 30 seconds left on the timer. I would have won, but time ran out just before I could kill the last hero.

FYI, i tried this and it doesn’t work…somehow the algorithm knows if you are just sitting there and when i started my attack with 2 or 3 minutes left, the damage increase never took effect. I simply ran out of time and lost :roll_eyes:

The damage buff is tied to turns (so how many moves you make) where as the tiebreaker timer is tied to time.
Done so precisely so those kind if strats don’t work :wink:


Well, that explains it. Thx evilsmoothie!

Thank you guys, this is very helpful, I had this question for a long time and no one knew exactly why this happens. Thank you for cleaning this out for me

Oddly enough something like that happened in war yesterday, but there was no damage increase notice, only that there were only 5 minutes left. It was a funny ocurrence that, as there was only Rigard left in opposing team, and Melendor in mine, and tiles had Melendor healing after each arrow revenge, but no damage worth the name I could do to Rigard. Unfortunat ly Melendor did die before the 5 minutes were over, so I have no idea what would happen

You would lose. And appereantly the damage boost does not exist in wars.

You’re right Branwen… that’s very strange… The enemy was the one that should’ve died, don’t understand what happened there…

Yep - I lost to Kashrek with Ares and Mel in a war because there was no damage increase and positioning of Kashrek and simply no way to string enough tiles and what not to offset the healing.

That sucked!

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