Daily valor challange not showing as complete for Use 3 Healing Potions [ANSWER: have to use Healing Potions specifically, not Minor, Potent, or Super Healing Potions]

I had the same “issue”. I read “healing potion” and thought that any of them would do. Not wanting to waste the good ones, I used minor potions. Nope.

You have to specifically use the ones labeled only “healing potion”


NOT minor healing potion
NOT potent healing potion
NOT super healing potion

Just plain old healing potion

The other ones will not work

Seems like a stupid minor issue, but it’s one that threw many of us off. Could be easily fixed by renaming it to something like “average”, “medium”, or “regular” healing potion.


That’s actually a very good idea, and one SG could easily fix. I think Medium Healing Potion would be a good name for that one and is less general.


I made the same mistake thinking any would do. To be fair though, it does specifically say Healing Potion, not minor or potent, which it did in the past.

Hopefully the next time we’ll all read more carefully :grin:


The healing potions on path of valour I’ve used 3 on missions 3 in quests and 3 on the titan and it’s not saying I’ve done it any help please

I hope you are using Healing Potion, not minor healing potion, not potent healing potion or super healing potion.
Also there is an existing thread already about it:

@Guvnor @JonahTheBard @zephyr1 @Rook merge?


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


May I suggest the image associated with the challenge (in Valor) display the actual required potion. I too wasted 6 minor heals (didn’t work in Springvale, maybe only in…?), then looked at the image shown and thus tried 3 minor manas.

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Potentially will help BUT it specifically says “Healing Potion”

There is only 1 item called a “healing potion”… Others are all called something different


One of my daily challenges said to “use 3 healing potions,” which I did several times, and with different healing potions, in both titan attacks and quests. It has not recognized my doing this, so I must be doing something wrong or not understanding…

Anyone have any ideas? Only a few hours left in the daily challenges in Path of Vallor, but I’m mostly curious at this point.

Likely you haven’t used an actual Healing Potion, and instead tried a Minor, Potent, or Super Healing Potion.


Thank you so much, that is exactly why it didn’t work for me! I just used the “right” healing option on a quest and I got the daily challenge points :grin:

I believe it was the illustration of those specific battle items that threw me off! I greatly appreciate the help @zephyr1

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That’s actually a good idea, as well. I mean, the one with the other items shown in the image for that Daily Challenge is technically a Potent Healing Potion.

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