Daily Summon tokens, Use immedately or save them up?

Title about says it all, Is there any advantage to saving the silver summon tokens and using them in mass or should you just use them as you get them.

At first i was using them about as soon as I got them, But now I find I can crank out the same guys and more of them using my training camps. So I’ve just started saving them, I figure when I get a bunch I’ll just run through them to get a bunch of feeders quick…

I use them as soon as I get them to eliminate the reminder. Less clutter on the screen makes me happier :slight_smile:

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I don’t think there’s an advantage to saving the tokens, I do until I am ready to do some levelling like you for extra feeders. I had over 100 at one point.

Just be sure to use your free daily summons or you lose it. You can see the timer at the bottom of the daily summons box, if there’s nothing saying next free in # hours etc., you should collect it. The actual silver tokens you can hoard.

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Doesn’t matter. Same as tc20, save or not it still depends on RNG.

I save to I get about 12 or 13 of them. Then use back to back. It gives a better chance for a 3* to be summon which is idea food too have.

Since you can go over your hero slot space with summons, it might be worth keeping a few if you’re color feeding and find yourself a few slots short to collect any more feeders from TC to feed 10 of one color. Other than that Idk I just use mine instantly.