Daily summon not really random

If it’s a random hero or troop then make it really random. Or re word it common troop or hero.

Can you clarify the issue you are raising? I have pulled truly random heros / troops with the free daily summons including rare heros and troops. Yes, I’ll mostly get 1* heros, but not always.

So you got legendary stuff from daily summons? No I don’t think so. Just suggesting they change the wording like they did with dispel to cleansed.

Um, just to clarify…

Ah No… I said…

So your 3* heros and troops, never used the word Legendary :sweat:.

Ah… dispell is different to cleansed :dizzy_face:. I’ll see myself out.

What is the question? :innocent:


It’s slightly misleading. It says random troop or hero implying that it could feature legendaries or epics. Just re word it. It’s annoying lol

No! Look at the screenshot above.

0% (0,00000000…0%) getting a 4* hero
0% (0,00000000…0%) getting a 4* troop
0% (0,00000000…0%) getting a 5* hero

Edit: and 0% (0,00000000…0%) getting a HOTM

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It says random though random out of every hero or troop. It’s not really random lol

Appearance rates are stated in the portal.

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