Daily Streak didn't log claim

Today, I claimed the Daily Streak item and went to the game where I had already logged in. I claimed the item in the game. About an hour later, I went back to the store and went to Daily Streak. Today’s item had an active button and was marked as unclaimed. I clicked the button (again). It displayed the usual pop-up. Back in the game, I did NOT get an item to claim. Because I’d already claimed it, that’s what I expected. I verified that recent actions included receiving today’s item about an hour earlier. Back in Daily Streak, the item now showed that it had been claimed. There may be occasional issues with eventual consistency on the claims. A while later, the game told me that I needed to log into Game Center. I’m on an iPad, and always connected to the Game Center. I’m mentioning it only because the two items may be related, and may provide a clue for missing database consistency on my claimed item.

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Have you checked your “recent activity”

Yes. I stated that recent actions included receiving the item at the time I claimed it initially. I know I received the item when I FIRST requested it. I did not expect to receive it again. It was not reflected as CLAIMED until I requested it AGAIN an hour later. Without that update, I would not have been able to claim the weekly prize.

Well best to contact support .

Give as much information as possible . You will get a generic response at first but someone will get back to you :green_heart:

Just a question, do you use multiple devices to play and claim gifts?

No. So far, I’ve done everything on my iPad. I’ve added a recurring daily task to my calendar. It’s got a link to the daily streak location. I’ve got the status set to stop displaying when it’s marked complete. Usually, the claimed status works pretty much immediately, but sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t get marked as claimed, I try the link again a while later. One of my alliance team mates is absolutely certain that she had her claim fall through the cracks. I believe her, especially since she posts a daily reminder for us to claim the reward. I started using the calendar because I did forget. I’ve never had to click the claim more than one extra time. My iPad is fairly old, but it’s running the latest version of iOS.