Daily Rewards

Why isn’t there a daily reward for playing? An increasing daily reward, even if the increase resets after so many days, would encourage more players to log in for that alone. The more people come in the game, the more they play. More game play, in my opinion, would increase (not guarantee) the chance that that player will spend money. Seems like a win for both sides to me.


Don’t you get a summon token daily? And I think Mystic Vision is daily too.

Of course. Just like everyone else. But those are rewards that are given regardless of activity. An increasing reward system that gives better rewards each day until the reset, would encourage more activity. If you’ve played daily for 6 days, getting a slightly better reward each day, and on the 7th day you are guaranteed something good/useful, then most people will make sure they get in that seventh day. And if they miss a day, of course they’re rewards would be set to a day one login reward and would have to restart the build up to a better reward.

The daily draw doesn’t offer anything but food for me and rarely does the Mystic Vision reap any rewards. It’s a system used in several games that I have played and in my opinion it could keep players, especially newer players, logging back in for the guaranteed rewards.


Most similar games I’ve played had this, and it does improve the game.
Some of them had a 7 day rotation, with increasingly valuable rewards until the 7th day, and a day without playing would reset to day one.
Others had a fixed list which didn’t reset, each day you played got you the next reward in the list, with no penalty for missing a day other than delaying the next reward. Every 30th day or so had a more valuable reward.

I fully support this suggestion :slight_smile:


I support this enhancement too. I have played several other games that require less money to be successful, but offer a better daily award system.

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Would love this. as Bruce mentions, it is done in a lot of games and usually brings me back for that quick extra log in even if I have a really busy day - so it might bring more ‘in game’ time as well.

To propose a possible idea of execution within this:

Tie it to the monster chest. Whilst this doesn’t equal the exact normal rate of logging in = reward, it’s not far off and makes it easier to implement (I assume). If you play the game you’ll probably end up filling your monster chest (not raid chest, as not everyone fills those apparently) pretty much every day. Increase the rewards of the monster chest every day by how many you’ve completed (first chest just food/iron gem, then add a large bone/1* material, work towards the meteor fragments, get a tornado etc etc), finish the last day or 2 of the month with the rare elemental chests.

Just something that popped into my head as it wouldn’t require a lot of change and it would at least be something!

Curious to see what others think (and if there is even more animo for this idea now that the thread will be revived).


That would be great! I really would like to see some kind of increasing daily reward to help encourage more game play, and that sounds like a nice way to get it done. :grin:

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Looks like we’re finally getting the daily reward! Even if it’s just for the holiday special maybe they will see a positive response and keep it :blush:


The daily summons is crap and giving a reward of a daily summons is even more crap. That’s not a reward at all. The daily summons should improve by how many days in a row you log in or something. When I get a daily summons as a reward it doesn’t make me happy at all. All I think is great more crap.

It is free feeder material, especially if you get a troop

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I support the idea of a daily login reward in addition to the free daily summon.

There is a reason why many mobile game out there has a daily login reward calendar and it’s for a good reason; to encourage login and play.

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I am not sure what you mean by a troop being feeder material… I have a ton of troops but can only select one per hero. Is there something I am supposed to be able to do with the rest of them?

Eventually, you will advance to the point that you will be able to level up your troops.
Here’s an excerpt from Coppersky’s Compendium


Thanks… I finally got there

Yeps. If you login 30 days continuously then you can expect a valuable item, e.g. a rare material or a 4 level warrior/100 gems.