Daily Raid Wins

Curious how many raid flags people use daily and average daily raid wins.

This isn’t exact but for most people, they’re part of an alliance and kill titans every 23 hours. Maybe they let one escape from time to time but using the # of titans killed, I’m trying to get an idea.

I know some people dislike or don’t raid (idk why since it’s the best means to gain food, iron and mats via heroes chests) but I try to use every flag possible.
I’d say I’m using on average 20 flags per day. Hey we got to sleep too :wink:

So I took a look at my profile and have 6230 raid wins and 279 titans killed.

That’s roughly 22 raid wins daily.
279 / 30 is 9.3 months.

I’m at 10 months playing now. Seems pretty good barometer since I didn’t join an alliance for the first month.

Even at 10 months, the average is almost 21 raid wins daily. Hey so I’ll attribute to using some raid flasks sometimes.

I’m chasing @MrsBCW, I think she has over 20k raid wins!

So how many raid wins do you average daily, how many raid wins do you have?
@Garanwyn do you have a good way to track this? I’m really not a stats nor math guy.


Interesting topic, although I don’t have 20k raid wins yet…that would be the lovely @Uclapack :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been playing since Jan 2018 I fill my hero chest twice daily and on the odd occasion I’ll fill it 3 times a day. Inbetween filling my hero chest I will sometimes do my own personal raid run…to try and beat my highest trophy score.

Interestingly I obviously need a life outside E & P, judging by amount spent on the game:


Wow your raid strike is much higher, I’ve been playing around 5 months


I love raiding though

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Good timing for this topic, as I have been tracking every raid I make in August. With zero flasks used, my stats are:

21.9 raids per day
1.3 of which are losses


I try to fill 3 raid chests a day so rough guess of flag usage should be anywhere from 18-25 flags per day. I’m at 9 months but didn’t raid a bunch in the beginning and there’s still days I’m too busy or just too lazy to use up raid flags.


I barely fill one hero chest a day myself :smirk:. I’ve never really cared for raiding but I make myself do at least that. For the 1st few months I didn’t raid much at all (didn’t think about how elemental chest probabilities worked back then). I don’t even remember that streak but dang! Good job me lol.


I generally do 2 raid chests per day so that’s a minimum of 16 flags, and there’s usually a couple losses - more if I’m getting bad boards. So anywhere from 16-20 per day I guess


Just hit my 25k milestone…I really don’t count but for the first 2 years I never let my raid flags hit 6 for more than a couple minutes. I’ve used a lot of raid flasks and gems too if I’m out and wanting to have some fun or need ham for leveling.


I used to be annoyed by raids. I used to be frustrated at filling hero chests. That has all changed. I still lose some pretty frustrating ones on a daily basis, but the last few times I looked over my past 30 (when I was feeling frustrated), I was still around a 75% win rate.

I usually open two chests per day; often three when tournaments are on. I typically use 6 flags in the morning, 6 when I get home from work, and 6 before I go to sleep.

Raiding is fun. It’ll be even more fun when Joon ascends, he has been pretty awesome already and he’s only about 3-50 or so. :smiley:


@Mojo1 nice titan high hit. Just keep raiding, use it or lose it.
Especially now need the resources for advanced building upgrades.

@Ashera you are awesome and your defense is just absolutely filthy :wink:
I remember raiding you, was in trouble but a late cascade bailed me out.

@MrsBCW check back in a couple of months, it’ll be 20k wins!!